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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    Recently got a polaris trail indy 1988 with the 488, I can't get this sled to stay running idle consistently or do much at all consistently. Had it running last week idle at around 2500rpm could not get it to come down rode it around the block like 15 time just fine no issues idle would come...
  2. REV Chassis
    Last year seemed like I lost a cylinder. Until further diagnosis the compression was good 150. Good spark and good fuel. It turned out to be a broken carb slide. But not the carb slide itself, the link inside the carb located in the top. The small chain link looking thing. C-clip popped off and...
  3. Ski-Doo General Discussion
    I am rebuilding a 1976 Everest 440 and the VM 34A 104 mikuni carb I have has the following settings Jet Needle 6DH4 Needle Jet 159 P0 Main Jet 360 Pilot Jet 35 Cutout 3.0 I tried looking for a manual that could tell me what settings my sled needs but I couldnt find anything. The sled fires but...
  4. 440/race/modified
    I’m getting a iqr 440 extended to 155 and it has a Polaris rmk 800 2005 motor with twin pipes and stingers and mikuni flat side 44 carbs and I was wondering what jets i should use at 1000-3000 feet
  5. 440/race/modified
    Hey guys I couldn’t find any threads on this topic that answer my questions, new to this site so correct me if I’m in the wrong discussion. I have a 2009 iqr, oil injection and running 91 octane. My first question is there anyway to adjust the plastic carb floats on these? Next I’ve been having...
  6. Polaris General Discussion
    I have a 91 RXL 650 triple and was wondering if anyone in minnesota knows a good mechanic around the central area. Just check everything over and make sure the sled is running like a top, it may need jetting, not to sure yet ( i have the jets ) and some carb tuning im sure. i am otr truck driver...
1-6 of 6 Results