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  1. Polaris
    Belt has just over 60-80 miles on it before sled was no longer used for the season due to injury, $150 . Also have two used spare 800 belt if needed as well
  2. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    I own a 2021 khaos 155 with the 2.75 and as fortunate as I was I hit a hit trying to hit a jump with almost no snow and hit a rock on take off and bent in my left side upper and lower a arms and replaced with trenchers full upper and lower kit and found out the side that I didn’t tweak in(right...
  3. Rush/Switchback (AXYS Platform)
    While riding my 2015 Rush 800 on the tail, I used to kill switch to stop the sled. A few moments later when going to start the sled it wouldn’t start on electric start or pull. Tried cutting the Kill-switch wires with no luck. Towed it how to try to figure the issue out. Tired pouring a small...
  4. Polaris
  5. Polaris General Discussion
    I’m thinking about getting an SKS 146 850 and am wondering how it handles on the trails. In a sharper corner will it lift the inner ski or stay flat? Or at higher speeds does it feel unstable? Maybe chance of lugs coming off?
  6. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    I own a 2018 Switchback Assault 800, and I am changing my stock riser and bars to some aftermarket ones. With the after market parts I now sit at 6- 6 1/2” rise from 3.5-4”. Is there anyone that would know what the stock lengths of Both the brake line and throttle cables would be? would the...
  7. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    i bought a 2016 Assault with around 1100 miles last week and noticed that the digital tach only comes on sometimes.... headlights,hand warmers all work.. voltage regulator going bad ?? i unplugged tach and checked connection in several locations and everything seems to be clean from...
  8. Polaris
    took the electric start off my 2018 sks 800 with 2200km and have no need for it. comes with featherweight lithium battery or/and the original (been taken off for a while so it may need to be recharged) listed to fit 600,800,850 sks and rmk models on the polaris website. on the slim chance your...
1-8 of 9 Results