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  1. ProClimb (2012 - )
    So yesterday was my 4th day one the my alpha and i am really struggling and seem to be fighting the sled in any condition. So even in a flat meadow the nose just seems to roll and dig into the snow. I pumped up my shocks but still didnt help much. So main question here is i felt way more...
  2. ProClimb (2012 - )
    So I have a little inch or less rip in the my one top frogskin and a 2 inch long one that’s kind of underneath by the light. How important are these to get replaced if I have a bdx air filter to keep moisture out?
  3. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    Splitting the other post I had into 2. So was wondering are rail braces worth it or do you really have to bash them to get them to break. The 2019 I bought used had a brand new rail the previous owner wrecked his original I believe buy having clickers on softest and bottoming out constantly on...
  4. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    So I posted about this before but I’m splitting into 2. So is a rear bumper worth it or just look cool more then anything and if so which company made good ones. Mostly interest in rogue concepts and backwoods bmp. Maybe item or trencher too. For a 2019 alpha one if that matter
  5. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    So this will be my second year on an alpha and 3rd on a sled. Was wondering much do you have to beat up a sled to make the alpha rail brace and rear bumpers worth it. The alpha i bought had 1900km and it had a brand new alpha rail covered by warranty. So was that from him riding on the softest...
1-5 of 5 Results