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  1. General Snowmobile Forum
    Hi everybody, I could use some input on what sled to go with. I ride in southwest Montana and am upgrading from a 2002 mountain max. Here are the options. 2017 Ski Doo Summit X 850 154/2.5 (No missing lugs) MTNTK Blowoff vent on the clutch side (2017s blew belts) 2300 Miles Tmotion Delete...
  2. Summit
    My 2013 Summit X is giving me a hell of a time right now, with a recent laundry list of oddities. Some of which I think are related to one another. Check it out . . . REALLY hard to pull start. By hard, I mean physically it's really hard to pull. Starts right up no problem if you can pull hard...
  3. Indy (AXYS Platform)
    I'm looking to get back in to riding more and want to buy a used machine. I've had Yamahas and Ski-doos in the past but was impressed with the Axys chassis rental I rode last year (base switchback 144"). I liked the ergos as well as any sled I had ridden in the past, but of course that basic...
1-3 of 3 Results