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  1. Rush/Switchback (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    Hey guys, I have a 2010 rush. I bought it from a guy about twice my weight and backed off the rear track spring. The ifs and the front track shock are set to factory. I weigh maybe 135 with gear. I know I need a little more ski pressure but as far as handling it's decent. I ride very forward and...
  2. Rush/Switchback (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    Hi everyone! I just bought a 2010 rush 600. I rode about 150kms and definitely need to make some tweaks. I have read many posts about adjusting the suspension but i am having a hard time figuring out exactly what I need. I don’t have the RTS suspension gauge . Does anyone have a picture or know...
  3. Rush/Switchback (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    So ive been searching for new tracks for this 2010 Rush and doesnt seem to be a whole lot of choices for 15x120 with the 2.82 pitch and have a few choices at 1.25” lugs with studs or 1.5” without or install tunnel guards and 1.5” lugs Specs say max lug height 1.75 but i found this new track for...
1-3 of 3 Results