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  1. Arctic Cat
    Hi selling my Bikeman 2.25 full velocity muffler and turbo manifold. I am building a race sled and I am going to a race exhaust. Only 2 seasons on this exhaust and it was one trip per season. So it's like brand new. Asking $500 OBO. Message me with any questions.
  2. Turbo 4 Stroke
    Need some help my xf1100 turbo I recently got my voltage regulator replaced after 10 mins of riding the tool light and battery light came back on eventually the battery died so I replaced with brand new battery again and same thing happens any idea what's going on here
  3. Turbo 4 Stroke
    I have a 2013 f1100 turbo that keeps throwing an octane error code at me. It throws the code only if I pin the throttle. However, the sled acts the same way if I gradually speed up to around 80-90 mph where it surges and slows down repeatedly. I looked online and already tried 98 octane gas as...
  4. Snowmobile Parts and Accessories
    All parts must go. make best offer. I can deliver to old Forge NY. Or any rest stop up and down NJ parkway or NY thruway. thanks
  5. Arctic Cat
    Very clean almost looks new rage 3 clutch. shimmed for xtx5020. 5/16" fixed pin .570 wide priceless/osp weights. no spring. call or text zach at 2623497976. can ship.
  6. Turbo 4 Stroke
    Has anyone had troubles with fuel pump or pressure regulator on the 2013's 1100 turbos? Mine will sometimes struggle to rev up past 2k rpms and get the track going. It just sputters and pops. Starts up beautiful as always. This is not always... I will check my coils. Brand new gapped plugs...
1-6 of 6 Results