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Default 800 Updates

My 2017 XCR 800 has about 5400 miles on now. Compression is great and everything is running good right now. I know that I will in the future have to do some engine work, just wondering how much different is worthwhile the 2018 head is over the 2017. Most likely sticking with Poo parts for everything - just wondering what else I might run into when I have to do this. Thanks!
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Your close to out of warranty, I would consider the SLP head kit with the ‘18 update if your going to consider updating head. Might as well get a little performance gain out of it for the same price.
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My son's '17 Assault 800 has been nearly flawless. He's had only two issues in over 4,000 miles:

1. four worn-out idler wheel bearings at approximately 3,000 miles (replaced with a complete set from Northstarrick)
2. a pin hole in one of the coolant hoses (fixed under warranty)

A screw fell off one of his scratcher mounts and did some minor damage to the underside of his track, but that's not Polaris's fault. It's worth noting that my son is still using the original belt.

He thought about upgrading to the 2018 head, which uses a different thermostat designed to lower coolant temps, but he opted to install a different set of scratchers instead. He was using the cable-style ones -- now he's using the Ski-Doo ones. Most of the time the sled runs in the 124 to 126-degree range. When the trails are icy, however, and temps creep up to the low 140s, he uses the scratchers to bring the temps down to the 120s. The 2018 head/thermostat set-up runs quite a bit cooler than that.

Northstarrick would be your best bet when it comes to getting information about switching to a 2018 head. Send him a private message.
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my 2018 xcr runs 99-100 degrees all day. takes a good stretch to get it warm
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