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I don't have a 2016 Switchback 800, but I do own a 2012 Pro-R 600 with a few more miles than yours. Look your sled over once in a while and replace anything that looks or feels bad. Can not predict what will fail. I would not get rid of a sled with 4,000 miles on it unless I was just not happy with it.
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The most important thing about running it much higher in miles would be how much the sled will be worth and how much you would get on trade in, sleds with 10k is pretty much worthless.
My buddies have 2 each of these sleds, they are all over 10k and have had clutch and valve problems to many times.
Over all they have been great sleds but no matter what you fix, they become spark sleds because they became worthless to anybody else.
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I have a 2016 800 that just turned 5000 miles. I check compression before each trip and its currently at 120 each side. Sled absolutely rips still so zero reason to even look for a new one. I have a stack of new bearings(both wheel and other) and bogie wheels that I keep in stock in case any need to be replaced. Besides that, I run good oil and Seafoam to every fill up.
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I have a 2015 switch 800 with about 8500 miles. With your mileage, check the motor mounts, suspension bushings and front track shock/spring.
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My 15 pro s has over 7000 miles and still runs strong. Knock on wood. I've only had to do regular maintenance. Rebuild shocks and replace suspension bushing and it feels like new. I do my own service so I know it was done and done correctly every year. I love this sled and want to ride it as long as I can. If the motor goes I will rebuild and keep riding. There is nothing out there that I have been on that is more comfortable and reacts to body movements like the pro s once it is set up correctly.
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Buddy's 600 just blew up this past weekend at 5,500 miles. Couldn't even break it free via the crank. Not sure what happened yet as it was just dropped off for repair.
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