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Originally Posted by 2011Rush View Post
I drank a few beers, before, during, and after.

These newer sleds are not user friendly for maintenance.
bah just need the proper tools.

its liek going from a gm vehicle to a vw. they both are not that hard to work on just different methods of assembly.

years ago i found the perfect piece of stainless steel rod and bent a nice long slightly flexible spring puller. took the time to grind the curved end to smoothly engage and release form the spring. lots of spring pullers out there but some are too big and bulky and some are to wimpy wimpy wimpy.

congrats on your weight loss (that is if that can was exchanged for a light weight unit)
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With a long puller it is easy. Without you are using the wrong tool
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Anyone have a pic of the mystery spring.
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The advanced course involves removing the 2 lower y-pipe springs while keeping the room PG.
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This exhaust system can be a real "C" word without the proper tools and patience that is for sure.
it's too bad he had to run out of talent half way through the corner....
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