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Exclamation SBA 144 Demo or New

I'm in need of a little help. I am looking to buy an 800/850 switchback assault 144. I have a couple of options. I have been looking into the following:

1) 2018 800 SBA demo w/ 193 miles. $10,600 with a 3-year factory warranty. dealer is roughly 5 hours away

2) 2019 800 SBA new. $13,300 w/ 2-year factory warranty. dealer is an hour away

3) 2019 850 SBA new. $14,400 w/ 2-year factory warranty. same dealer as 2.

They all have the exact same features (track, PIDD, ES)

Has anyone had problems with demo sleds? 193 on a demo doesnt seem like much at all. Any concerns?

Is an 850 worth the extra money?

Open to opinions.

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Dang, I got an 18 brand new for $9k out the door. Base model though.

I was looking at a couple demos and decided not to. I thought, what if I were the guy that had free reigns to a brand new sled I didn't plan to own.
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I think they are all overpriced. The 850 is worth an extra $1000 IMO. Think of it like this, the second you take possession of that 2018, the sled is 2 years old used sled with a old version engine. Unless 2020 prices really went way up, you could spend under 15000 and get a brand new 850
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To me, it's a question between #1 and #3 ... there just no reason to even consider #2. I agree they're all a bit overpriced, but it's a dealer and we're getting closer to the season (Hay Days is just around the corner). I owned a '18 Assault with all the bells and whistles, and I really enjoyed the sled ... I put just over 2K miles on it that season before selling it & snow checking a new 850. The 850 is awesome ... so much smoother, and the torque just makes a guy smile anytime the flipper is squeezed. That said, it's not so much better to justify an additional $4K. Keep in mind a lot of us guys who snow checked that '19 850 paid considerably LESS than that and got a 4-year warranty vs. the 2-year. That alone would make me pass - and hopefully the dealer can come down in price significantly. I would look at model year 2020 before spending that kind of money on the '19 you're looking at ... but that's just my opinion.

Good luck!
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If u have a sled to ride, I'd wait. And get the 850
I snowchecked a 137 with 4yr warranty and a bunch of add ons for under the prices u posted on 850s
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the only thin g that worries me about a demo, is was it broken in right? the very fist 100 miles is absolutely critical. the way it's ridden in these first 100 miles and/or over heated here? will mean whether it's a turd or animal? it's a gamble. the rings have to be seated as fast as possible for a strong motor.

we see this first hand. we have a 2018 assault. it was ridden easy for 50 miles. than ran like we stole it. going full throttle numerous times just not holding it there very long. and was only ran at the dealer for set-up. meaning it was ridden for 100 or so miles without ever being started since getting it from the dealer. we put it on a local dyno with 500 miles on it. it pulled 158+ h.p. three pulls in a row.

we had a 2018 that was under performing. couldn't find one issue? and this cost me money but i wanted to know. again went to this same dyno it pulled 146 h.p. then 145 then 143 three back to back runs. i asked the customer how he ran this sled? he started it repeatedly before going for the first ride. first ride water temp got to 170 degrees? there's your two problems that made this sled a turd. mono block to INDY DAN and two new RKT pistons and he broke it in right this time. hasn't been back on a dyno but his ass dyno says it's a whole different sled now.

so this it what worries me about a used sled? now there is away to see if it was over heated. have the dealer put it on the wrench and see. with you there. it least if it wasn't ever hot you have a chance it will be o.k.

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I just picked up a like new 19 850 SBA with 600 miles, ES, PIDD and a 2-year warranty starting in November for $10,800

Thought that was pretty good.

This will be my 1st SBA.
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I'd buy a low mileage Snow checked used sled from a private seller before buying a demo from a dealer. There's still decent warranty attached on used snow checked sled. Lord knows the used sleds I've sold have been great deals.

If buying new Snowchecking is the best option for me. I like the easy sale I get when I sell sleds with Polaris Warranties.
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A lot of demo sleds and rental cars seem to get treated the same way.
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I actually think the opposite. Rental sleds get warmed up like crap and driven by slow asses. Not how I want my stuff broken in
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