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18-19 Mileage: 1200
17-18 Mileage: 600
16-17 Mileage: 1200
Age: 41
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I've seen the speedo on my assault say 110mph and the max recall say 118mph. All stock set up with the cobra track
If you didn't make it. You didn't hit it hard enough!
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Originally Posted by never satisfied View Post
Man I better park the turbo. These speeds seem really high, I have run with a new Assault and it runs good but I can pass him at will at any speed. I can sit straight up and drink a beer and go by him laying on the tank all tucked in! Kind of like the guys claiming to run 140 on their turbo cats, maybe my speedo is off or our snow in WI is slower??????????

Just , if I bought a Polaris it would be the Assault, I could not stand the ride of my Rush, they got it right on this one.
cat turbo? run a turbo assault and lets see who passes who?take the turbo off that pos and run naturally aspirated and see you wins? matter of fact run a 800 cat two stroke against a polaris two stroke assault. apples to apples.

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18-19 Mileage: 700
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Haha. Keep dreaming you have something fast. I have no interest in slow 2 strokes. I do have a 600 for when I feel mellow.
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It is kind of funny we try to tune this 800 2-strokes to be what we think is fast, the whole time there's a lot of guys in the 130-140 mph range with their boosted 4-strokes.
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