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I just want to make sure you guys understand that I am not getting black streaks on the white siding part of the trailer, just the shiny, round aluminum piece across the top. Someone told me that it's because the aluminum piece was not anodized aluminum. It takes sos pads to get the black out of the aluminum.
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OK then, well?
then polish it every so often with a good polish cleaner
or clear coat maybe then will work too
My stainless and aluminum gets dull from road salt and such and takes a cleaning to get bright again, its normal maintenance IMO
prettier you want things more time spent cleaning to keep it that way, if you use things in road sloppy conditions!

I do my best to wash after any towing in slop
then power wash after winter, wax and park,m and tends to stay good till next time for me?
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How about having a detailer shop wrap that top trim part? Maybe that gray to match the back trailer color or black (my choice)...would look sharp and it was not expensive....those guys are fast too...could attempt a DIY if you’re handy.....not sure how they would handle the protruding screws...xacto knife? ..I’ve had a few cars done (trim around the windows and doors) and held up perfect.....
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On my last round top trailer I just plasti dipped it. lasted 4 years then I sold the trailer and still streak free.
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