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Default Tow with 2WD vehicle?

Wondering if people use 2WD trucks for towing snowmobile trailers or if that's a bad idea. The trailer in our group is a 18+5 dual axle enclosed inline 3 place. We used to use 2WD trucks or vans with open trailers but I was curious if that's asking for trouble with an enclosed trailer.

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I don't see an issue until you have to start on a slippery hill or back up a slope. If it's mainly flat area I'm sure you'd be fine. I have a 4wd truck and it's in 2wd 90% of the time.
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weight in the back helps. I hauled with a 3/4 ton 454 Chevy 2wd for years.
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Back in the day a buddy and myself took turns on various trips towing my 2 place open trailer with his 72 monte carlo, and my 63 chevy 327 impala. Had no issues with the cars during serval trips, but broke the leafs on the trailer on one trip requiring some down time in champlain n.y.
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I wouldn't.
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I wouldn't either but if I did would have BFG All Terrains or the like.

Without trailering even, I live in the mountains, so good luck without snow tires even if you have frt wheel drive car. Those around here that don't either don't leave their house or lie. Seriously.

BTW: We get snow (many times) that doesn't make it on radar so of course no weather reports. So, you can't plan on it or against it.
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Well I used to do it with my 2000 F250 manual trans for years.

Did not like it but never ended up in the ditch
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Almost every tow rig from 1960 to 1995 was 2wd.
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Weight in the back and SNOW tires (not all terrains), and you should be OK.

This was my tow set up for 5 years and I had no issues (but I did have 4 Bridgestone Blizzaks on my front-wheel-drive tow vehicle in the winter):

'14 XRS 797 ETEC
'06 MXZ 597 Adrenaline X - Wife's
'08 Venture GT - PaPa's Cruiser
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