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The last several weeks, I've been wrestling with the engine mount system. Early, I'd made an engine mock-up so I could determine what my general idea to fit would be, but once I started dropping the engine into place, I could see I would have to work around the cooling lines, and keep the alignment with the secondary. I had to realign the steering post from my first couple attempts to what I wound up with (which is posted above). It fits, but it is really close, yet far enough away from hitting anything. It wouldn't fit any other way unless I could somehow go over the engine, like the race versions. Not gonna happen here, the rest of the steering is buried way under the frame. I added a small aluminum bracket to one of the recoil bolts where I could zip-tie the wires coming out from the engine, and it keeps them in a position where they are pliable/loose enough to be unaffected by vibration and movement, yet held in place where they won't get pinched or rubbed on anything.

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I took the aluminum hose that fit behind the right footwell area, cut off a piece, and spliced it to the front cooler, secured it under the steering arm/trough, attached it with 3/4" gray hose couplings you can buy at most hardware stores, and brought the coolant access up to the front of the engine where I can hook into the radiator and coolant reservoir. When I went to have my flat carb "access" plate installed, I had my friend also weld up all the holes I put in during this process. It's all trial and error.

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Before I even had purchased the sled, I'd bought an engine mounting plate from a guy on HCS, but it is designed for fitting a big block into the newer Fusions/IQ. Since it doesn't fit this set-up, I will be selling it once this project is finished. Looks like a nice piece, though...

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I obtained three aluminum engine brackets from an '03 800 edge model. A friend welded an additional end onto the mag side forward facing bracket to clear the steering rod that goes from the post to the pitman arm. In the rear, I installed three Polaris standard front mounts from the 2000 Gen 2. The holes line up right even with the top edge of the front cooler. The new plate lines up with the the edge, too. The edge brackets fit underneath some fancy engine plate I'd gotten years ago to help eliminate engine flex. I had my friend weld an additional center bracket to the engine plate to secure it for helping to spread the load out better. You wouldn't need the engine plate, except you wouldn't be able to add the third (center) bracket. The idea was to mount the engine so the carbs fit under the jackshaft, and close enough so the tops of the carbs would not rub and still be able to easily unscrew.

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I built reinforced steel “pans” for the front mounts, (mainly using steel here because I can weld steel, I'm not so good with aluminum yet), and will use the standard 800 edge rectangular mounts on them, then riveted and bolted the pans onto the floor and sides. I had to design the pans, fitting them around the structural rivets and brackets, mount them to the frame, then make plates to fit down on top of those, and once I have the engine lined up correctly, weld them in position.

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