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The speedometer connection was modified to fit the old style cable. I partially drilled out a grade 8 bolt and screwed it into the drive shaft, where the stock trigger would normally fit, got the steel insert with the square hole from the old style driveshaft and press fit with loctite into the bolt so the “key” would match the Gen 2/700 version. The newer drive shaft is hollow, so I had to make sure the “key” would bottom inside the bolt, that way, it wouldn't fall inside the driveshaft. Once I had the key in place, I could determine how deep the cable drive would need to be to fit, centered and welded the 700 housing with the speedo drive at the right height onto the original Fusion 900 bearing retainer.

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I siamesed the 700 series speedometer and tach so they would fit into the weird sized hole left when I took the 900's electronic MFD (muli function display) out. I had to epoxy them together, after carefully cutting them open and aligning the two round housings together. I had some aluminum diamond plate I cut to help fit the displays in the dash, then siliconed the heck out of the gauges to keep them secure.

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