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The original Fusion steering post was gonna be in the way of the new engine mounting, so I needed to move it over, but had to incorporate a separate tube fed from a special center steering post mount I fabricated that would replace the flimsy rider select version Polaris put out. It had to fit inside the fuel tank cutout, and mount securely to the steering hoop plate. I had to keep the secondary post close to the tunnel so it wouldn't rub the engine or the mounting areas. I moved the lower stock post base mount over, leaving barely enough room for the coolant hose to meet with the front cooler connection, squared up by sanding and cutting the bottom of it, made new screw holes and repositioned the CV joint so it would be as straight as possible. I utilized a swivel bar to align the steering post off to the side, too. After I had decided the routing needed, I saw an interesting design at the Haydays swapmeet. Polaris had cutaways of their frames on display, and their newest sleds had used something similar, but went forward over the engine with a swivel bar mating to a separate down post to the steering arms. My version goes sideways about 4 inches at the top, then down, and underneath the engine, very close to the original trough they made in the chassis floor.

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The center post is from an edge, shortened, and slightly modified, using a small steering rod with ball joint ends to mate the two posts' actions. The secondary post is from an IQR or newer Prox440 sled, mounted upside down, welded to the original Fusion CV joint, with a narrowed (to keep from rubbing the engine) post made from a reinforced steering arm, welded underneath the CV coupler, and added my own limit/stop connector for the bottom stock steering arm. I used the threads in the lower part of the steering arm to lock fit a grade 8 bolt. I cut off the hex head, narrowed the exposed end slightly to fit inside the stock ball joint at the bottom base mount connection, then cut threads on the bolt end to install a nut for better security, locking it to the stock base swivel/ball, similar to the stock design. Whew!! I think the lower end could be stronger, though, but it's at least as strong as the original, maybe a little bit more so.

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