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Getting started:

I had a couple old, toasted 900 blocks that came with the sled, and the mounts, so I put them together and took an inventory of how they fit, to get an idea where Polaris had them aligned. I took a few measurements, and started pulling out all the unusable items that would not relate to this swap.

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I made a “tripod” with a block and tackle to set over the bare chassis, as I knew I would not be able to maneuver the engine up and down in the fine increments needed to determine how to fit it in, and what needed to be changed, relocated or removed. I could see right away the steering post and the jackshaft were immediate obstacles, and I would resort to cutting parts off the sides to get the engine down far enough, this engine is a tad wider than the original 900.

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The people who have attempted these similar swaps say the jackshaft would be in the way of the carburetors. And they would typically tilt the engine, have the carburetors aim over the jackshaft in the newer Fuses and IQ's, often using shorter carb boots, and pod filters. I opted to cut out about an inch of depth of the tunnel, remove the water traps from the carbs (I epoxied the holes where the hoses attached to make better clearance), and go under the higher 2005 jackshaft and make an airbox connection from there. After measuring, I found the closest the track/studs would get to is still the lowest part of the front cooler, so whatever track would normally fit on here would not be hindered by my cutting out a part of the tunnel. I'm running a 1.25” track with 1.375” studs. I would eventually make a plate and have a friend weld it in place where I cut out the hole. I would also need to reinforce the jackshaft bearing mount later, too, because the original supporting bracket would be in the way of the new airbox area.

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