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Originally Posted by blown 5.0 View Post
My buddys 1200 4tec "shorty" was consistently pulling 103 on gps with 109-11 on the dreamometer. Surprisingly quick out of the hole!
nice. my buddy has a 1200 x shorty. last year it was used only in isr stock racing. it was fast. i mean crazy fast. usually placed 1-2 in the 800 class.

Originally Posted by BAREIN97 View Post
sounds like top end will be good enough for me. How well will they keep up accelaration wise to A 800? Iam not talking ones with clutch work, just like say a box stock F8? I really like the idea that when Iam trailriding i can pull up to the pump and be safe putting 87 in. ust seams like the saleman want to stear me to an ETEC.
i can keep up to 800s in the trails. your 1200 will actually handle better.

and no worries about 87. used it all winter and not 1 problem. it runs awesome on it.

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