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My son started riding his 2007 freestyle 300f just after he trurned 9. He did 50 miles of groomed trails on a weekday in michigan (no traffic at all) and since he has been hooked. He logged around 1200 miles his first year. I think the freestyle is a great learning platform for a new rider of any age due to the instability of the machine, as it tips very easy and it gets them leaning quick. Playing in powder and drifts he had the thing on its side a dozen or so times. Having said this I am a very protective parent and he is a very cautious kid and respects all forms of machinery so his first 50 miles was at about 1/4 throttle by his choice. He now rides the freestyle WOT at times as conditions allow. After logging 700 or so miles on the freestyle I bought a 600 etec tnt adreneline and he bugged me to ride it from day one. I was confident he could do it given how respectful he is of these things and he did great. As a side note we use collet communicators so I am in constant communication with him to judge how he is doing, this is priceless and I would say anyone riding with children this is a must. So when the opportunity presented itself in a feild by our house I let him ride the 600 and he is in love. He did a great job on it and has looged around 300 miles on that. on the other hand I have an 8 year old son and I worry he will not be as cautious as my elder son. They both have honda trx 90's and my youngest son rides WOT so I had to tune it down. again I will get a collet for him also so i will be able to control him as we ride.

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