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My Assault hand warmers on Pro Taper bars work great. No foam or cork needed.

On the high setting I can hardly keep my hands on the handlebars because they get so hot. And that's just regular trail or off-trail riding during break-in. I'm sure on a RR grade I would need to turn them to low.

So for those of you reading this thread that don't have a problem, don't waste your time or risk damaging your heating elements or connections by adding cork. But if yours aren't working, by all means check your connections and then try some of the fixes offered here, and support the supporters of this site.
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Originally Posted by Paul_Aris View Post
Wow, there will always be somewhere that will sell cheaper however, they do not advertise or support this site.

Even if I ship via USPS in a padded envelope it would be $6 dollars which would already but me in the hole selling these with free shipping. If the $.50 is killing some I can sell for $7. LOL. What I don't understand is why most don't use my super saver shipping option.
One thing I've learned from being in business....Let the cheapskates waste their time so they can save less than a dollar. Let your competitor deal with them because if they are that cheap they will always try to grind you into the ground. Some people understand its not just about price but VALUE, those are the customers you want to work for and keep!

A side note about the foam inside the bars, I tried it and it's not very effective, onto this mod now since the parts are available again.
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I just want to say thanks to Tuneman for posting this, and thanks to GoBigParts for hooking me up - done a lot of business with them and they have always done me well.

It took about an hour to do both bars, was simple with Tuneman's step by step instructions and pics, and it really made a difference. My handwarmers generally get pretty warm, but with the polar vortex's we've had this year and last, I needed something more (the SBA isn't the warmest sled out there either ; -)
I don't care what you ride - just ride safe and have fun!

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I did the mod & stuffed the inner bars with foam. Have to be patient removing the heating element.
The grips get hot. They work very well. The medium setting is now like high use to be. I recommend doing the mod.
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You want them hotter? I have literally burned my hand on these things already! Lol

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anyone have experience with the grips twisting after re-install? noticed it wasn't mentioned to add any type of adhesive?
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The grips are so tight over the cork they won't twist. Mine and none of the sets I installed ever did
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Originally Posted by lg96gt View Post
anyone have experience with the grips twisting after re-install? noticed it wasn't mentioned to add any type of adhesive?
I sprayed my cork with adhesive to the bar. But the elements will re stick. Then with the tight grips over them, they have no where to go. There are 0 down falls to corking that I've seen. Best/ cheapest mod ever.

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Will corking the bars work on a indy sp, with full length warmers through to the end of the
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