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Originally Posted by MASSCAT67 View Post
no, houlton is offering the 1k off of msrp. my local dealer beat that tho.[/QUOTE]
And that dealer would be...?
....close to you!
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Originally Posted by r-ticat View Post
....close to you!
Great, thanx for the help!!
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Originally Posted by jjb View Post
When i bought my 07 F8 SP i got $2304 off MSRP
Current model, or leftover? HUGE difference... but if it was current year, you did well!
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Originally Posted by jdogg3422 View Post
Is that a rebate? Or is that regarding time of delivery on the sled?
This is directly from the Arctic Cat website:
"Spring is Guaranteed to be the best time to place your order for the exciting lineup of 2012 Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Customers that order any new qualifying 2012 Arctic Cat snowmobile, place a $500 deposit by April 21, 2011, and take delivery before September 30, 2011 or 20 days from shipment to the dealer, whichever is greater, will earn the best Consumer Program, PLUS a $500 SPRING GUARANTEE BONUS."

I interpret this to mean that Cat guarantees that they will not offer any better discount program than RIGHT NOW. If they do offer something better before you pick up your sled, they will give you "best Consumer Program" that they offer at that time.
Gabe out.
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