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Default 2020 ZR 8000 Thoughts ?

How is the new 2020 800 motor running for everyone?

For those that have had an 18 or 19 how does it compare, any difference in performance ?

How the new front end compare to the older versions of the Procross ?
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Buddy got a 20 limited. Seems to like it, other than wanting c&a skis on it.
He rode with a 19 limited last weekend and they switched up, buddy said the 20 turned better and would walk away from the 19 in a drag race. Couldn't keep up with the old zr 900 in the woods though
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The 2020 front end seems to steer easier, corners flatter and is a little more stable at high speeds.
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I have a little over 1000 miles on mine now. It is a sweet sled. The new front end is amazing, night and day better than the older front end. The whole sled responds better to body positioning as well. I have the cat mountain ski's on mine which I really like, 4" carbides is all that it needs. Motor is really nice, lots of power. Just doesn't like driving at a steady pace at that 15-19mph speed and uses more oil than I expected, but is really good on fuel. Overall, very happy with it both handling and performance.
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I've got just over 3000 miles on my '20 zr8 ltd. I came off an '18 flame throwing zr8 with the A/C "fix" flash.

No issues to date on the new ride. It is quicker in the mid-range and maybe just a bit more on top end than the '18. (my friend on his '17 Doo 850 has to work harder now to get by me.) Average to "spirited" riding is around 15 mpg. The one time I tried to figure out oil ratio, it was around 50:1 When riding at a leisurely pace with my friend and his 77 yo Dad and we maybe hit 50mph once during the day, it easily pulls 18+ mpg. The thumb controls everything.

It does turn easier than the '18. I do get a little push some times during spirited riding. might dial in some more ski pressure or throw on some new carbides and see what that does. I don't remember this push on the '18 in similar riding styles.

Bulk of my riding has been mid-week so I've hit very few bumps and rough trails, but I'd say the ride is just the same as my 18 was. Iact does allow for more adjust ability and it is nice to do it on the fly.

If you run a long rr grade of forest road, there is high idle built in when you stop. I do use the brake at road crossing much more than the '18 before it was flashed.

I run my scratchers on this sled more than I did on my 18. Do I need to, maybe not. When I see 130 or more, I drop them down.
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My 2020 LTD hasn't missed a beat!!
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2020 ZR Limited IACT 1300 miles only issue I had is the high idle and high RPM'S. RPM's where taken care of with adjustable cam arms.

Sled runs great and pulls hard.
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18-19 Mileage: 1200

6 reviews, that's it ?

WOW !!
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Originally Posted by F8HO View Post
6 reviews, that's it ?

WOW !!
That usually means very few issues.
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My 2020 has gone to it's new owner, but I'll add some to this..

I can't really comment on the power difference since my 2020 was never left stock. But it ran great, zero issues with driveability, oil use seemed about the same as my 18 and 19 were, and fuel mileage was about the same as my 19, which was a touch better than my 18 was.

However, the front end/ skid changes I will comment on. At first I had posted that I hadn't noticed it being much different after my first few rides. But I have to attribute that to starting the season on the 2020 and not coming off the 2019 right onto the 2020.... But once I rode my buddy's 2019 for half a day and got back onto my 2020, my opinion changed. At the next stop, he and I talked about it and both commented about the improvements on the 2020. Some of the attributes of the changes are subtle. Some are very noticeable. But the best overall comment would be it just works better in all conditions better. It turns easier and more precisely. In corners with 1-2 ft rollers in them, the skis stay on the ground and you retain better steering ability where the previous system would tend to skip across them. And it seems to travel across deep moguls better. And when doing a hole shot, previous sleds would transfer back and the skis would hover just off the snow. The 2020 transfers back, but the skis stay on the ground but don't seem to add any drag, but allow for a bit of steering...

Again some subtle changes , some very noticeable. But a couple guys who I ride with are trading in their 18s / 19s and ordering 2021s and they weren't seriously considering that initially. To them, it makes more sense to upgrade to a new sled and not do the suspension changes.
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Options suck.....at least having to choose which ones to waste money on...........

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