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I actually put the 2 inch Riot X track on so have not ran at all with the 1.6 it came with. With 22/48 best I would see is 94 mph, with 23/47 I see about 98 MPH with no appreciable difference in quickness or acceleration. FWIW I find the team clutches have a hard time getting much into the overdrive like the old clutches did. It seems slightly into overdrive you start to hit a wall.
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Originally Posted by ke84 View Post
ďQuickĒ is what itís all about.
But it is nice from time to time to throw in a bit taller gear and get up over 100.
Kinda curious if these chassis (146Ē) would hit 105 or so
Did see 101,,,22-48 stock gearing but a little different set up configuration in the pipe
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Just put 21/41 gearing in my riot 1.35” haven’t done much testing but to me it pulls hard and i cannot notice any loss down low honestly, clutches were hot and rpm is still high, running xs828 belt, D&D pipe, y-pipe, bullseyes, reflash, and weights (they forgot to ship my primary spring so I’m running stock till then) still seeing 8,350 rpm up top with weights at 1-1-1-0. will the correct spring bring these temps down? Didn’t want to play with weights till correct spring is in, I marked primary with marker and mark was gone except 1/4”. And what’s normal exhaust temps for a long pull?
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I'd confirm the belt width.
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Iím set up similar but all stock clutching thus far riots 1.6 136 studs . Iíve seen 103 on speedo a few times and best gps was94.3 at 96-97 on speedo 22/48. I havenít ridden it yet with 21/49. Lots of binding on the secondary spring. I have 2 delrins in there as wel
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Originally Posted by wwr View Post
I know it does not show in any of the charts but I actually went to 23-47 gearing (2.04/.489 ratio) so I could use the stock chain from the 22-48 gearing. This is almost the same as 24-50 gearing and is about 5% lower than 21-41. It seems about perfect for these sleds.
I did the same as you! I ordered mine from venom hydro top bottom and chain. SAW 103 (had to back off twitchy tail scary ) on snow packed trail ,The 23/47 are awesome gets up to speed faster than both the 21/41 and the 22/48 With more top end for sure

I have the team tied secondary I know some people say the TT isn't for top end,and is all back shift ,it's very good at that! but the top end is there. I do have a riot kit with trail porting.
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