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In 17 they redesigned the tcl plate and the lower motor mounts. I havent used the osp bracket to confirm spot on engine alignment but i can confirm the belts do not get warm at all compared to my 12,14 or 15. Even 15 with a tied was warmer than this sled.

I can beat on this sled and they are barely Luke warm. I am using a torsional and custom weights. Been very happy with this sled in stock engine form with just clutching.
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I have yet to work with the new team clutches, so forgive me for the ignorance guys. But what washer are toy referring to in the secondary? Clearly it is different from the previous secondaries.

What primary is in this sled? I see a black cat spring.
I want to Continue with a rocket corner to corner like I set up in my 14 xf limited. Current setup is 77g weights, dark green cat spring, D&D helix amd light blue spring

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Do a search in here by my username and you'll see a post I made with the BMP washers (Delrin) and how they're placed in the secondary.
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15-16 Mileage: 1100
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I have the same exact sled (except mine has 5300 miles on it). Bone stock. I have never blown a belt (1500+ on each of them).

You'll see 90 or so max on hard pack. I've seen 102 on speedo on a lake (one time). I posted a pic on here (in a recent thread)where i had strapped two 1 gallon gas cans on the rack. Stayed good for 1600 miles, but I also had larger bag that they butted against.

I wish mine had a bit more top end, but I love the low engagement. It likes fuel and oil.

BTW - you will still get stuck The hole will be deeper. This usually occurs when riding circles around your buddy who is already stuck - before covering him in snow, remember that you will likely need his help to get you out.
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You would really like a Mountain Addiction fuel and/ or storage bag kit. This gives the option of carrying 3 gallons of "liquid" or a nice removable bag which can carry a shovel or both--just smaller. have had a sled and used on at least six different sleds. Available from Cat or First place Parts.
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