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Default 2018 / 2019 2,3 and 4 wheel axle kits

I started a similar thread in the "General" section by mistake, so I'm restarting the discussion here because I think this is the correct audience.

The 2018 ZRs use the 2 wheel rear axle.

The 2019s use a 3-wheel rear axle which I personally think is a need idea and reasonable alternative to the 4-wheel kits.

I was hoping to buy the 2019 parts and install the 3-wheel idler solution onto my 2018. However, someone pointed out to me that to do so would require milling larger slots into the 2018 rails, because the 3-wheel solution passes the axles through the rails. Bummer! I don't have the tools to make that change, nor am I certain the 2018 rails have enough material around the idlers to accommodate the change.

So, questions:
(1) Has anyone made the mod to allow the 2019 axle to be used on their 2018?
(2) What other 3 or 4 wheel options are you folks using?

I've used expensive aftermarket 4-wheel kits on my previous procross sleds and was not impressed with the quality of the idlers supplied with those kits.

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Not an easy swap.
The 2019 axle goes through the rail. The rail openings are larger to accommodate the axle. You would need to enlarge the openings or swap rails. The tensioner assembly can be reused.
I'm still learning.
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I've got these kits on my 13

Arctic Cat 2012 Procross, Proclimb, XF 4th Wheel Kit Suspension Axle
Arctic Cat 2003 2004 Firecat Sabercat Sno Pro 4th Wheel Kit Suspension Axle

Put them on since new and never had an issue.
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Thanks for the info guys! I've had the J&T kits in the past but have pretty much decided I'm going to stick with the kit from Cat this time.

Why do the 137" models use the 8" dia wheel while the 129" models use the 7.12" dia wheels? I checked and both length models use the same exact idlers elsewhere on the skid.

I much prefer the look of the 8" dia wheel, not due to the size, rather the 8" dia wheel spokes are "open" (you can see through them) VS the 7.12" dia Idlers are solid (you cannot see through them). It doesn't matter who is selling them (Cat, speedwerx, ebay), all of the idlers look identical except for this difference between 8" and 7.12" dia.

So, besides the fact that one would have to replace the tri-hub, what happens if one runs the 8" dia rear idlers on a 129? The slightly larger dia forces the track to follow a different arc, yet I'm not sure what affect that has on the suspension and speed.

I'd prefer to stick with the stock dia, but I do want to add the outside idlers. Unfortunately, I really like the look of the 8" dia wheels VS the 7.12" dia wheels.

This is the wheel I like the look of...if anyone has seen this stye idler in 7.12" dia, please respond! Thanks! https://www.countrycat.com/arctic-ca...2-2018-zr-xf-m
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(1) Does the OEM cat 4th wheel idler hardware use alignment pins, similar to the way the J&T kit does? I can't tell for sure, but it looks to me like the answer is NO. See image below

(2) Does it matter?