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Default Sat 4-5 years

I recently picked up an 01 xcr 800 that had been sitting for 4-5 years and wouldn't start. The pickup line was disintegrated and all the plugged lines were shot. I replaced the pick up line and most of the rest of the fuel lines and got it to fire up. Sometimes on the first pull and other times on the 25th pull.. Once its started you have to continuously feather the throttle to keep it running. Sometimes it idles for a minute but then it bogs out and dies. When I'm riding its pretty snappy up to 30-45 before it's bogging. If I let off and hammer it a couple times it's like it gets a serious kick in the ass. If I keep running it aggressively, it seems to run better. I will say it does SEEM to run a little better and a little faster every time I take it out but ive only had it running for two days. I'm looking for any advice on getting this sled running at 100% without breaking the bank if possible.. Do I just keep running new fuel through it? Do I pull the carbs and clean? I'm hoping someone can tell me a few things I should be doing. Thank you in advance and happy riding!
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I'd go New Needle n Seats in the Carbs. Jet carbs with 410 or 420 Mains to start and work from there
drain the crank case "3 x 10 mm" plugs at the bottom of cases see what comes out
I'd probably get water pump rebuilt
Check for Carb slides being black or green "green is bad and break" update to black slides
Make sure clutches are in good working order both primary and 2ndary good rollers weights and 2ndary buttons "while there not weight #'s and springs colors and helix #'s
There is a good start
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What Roger said and rebuild the fuel pump.
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Thank you! This will hopefully keep me busy for a bit! I really appreciate it
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While you're at it check youre motor mounts ..
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Originally Posted by xcr 600 modi View Post
While you're at it check youre motor mounts ..
If it doesn't have a left front aftermarket torque arm, that left front mount will almost certainly be broken. This will cause very poor performance. Do that first.

Do not use the newer 075 Polaris drivebelt. It's junk.
Use an Ultimax XS 816.

DO NOT keep riding it if running poorly. You'll seize/damage the engine.

Check compression. 140 across at room temp.

Set TPS at 3.77V at WOT.

Carbs will need cleaned. Check for leaking water trap hoses on bottom of each float bowl.

How many miles on sled?

Is sled stock?
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And once you get it running good - maybe pull the suspension and check your idler wheel bearings etc. I bought a sled off my buddy's wife that had a new track and ridden once then sat for about 5 years. Was a 96' XLT - I went through the carbs, clutches etc and got it running great. 50 miles into the first ride , blew a rear idler wheel from a bad bearing. Figured the suspension was good bc it had one ride from a new track. Nope - had to get the truck and trailer and do a snowy suspension repair. Kinda suk'd.. Snowmobiles need front to back maintenance.
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I guess i had better luck buying an 05 600 edge that sat about 6 years in a basement garage. Tank was about 1/2 full. The owner of the sled was in the military deciding to make it his career. His father showed me the sled. The gas actually didn't smell too bad. We yanked it outside, pulled it over a few times to loosen everything up. Turned the key and kill switch fired right up and ran fine. I took it home, filled it full of gas and oil, greased everything that had a zerk, put a new drive belt on it, and took it for a ride. Found out the shocks needed servicing, along with the inner idler wheel bearings needed replacement. All in all its been a great sled.
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