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Default need help 2003 ski-doo grand touring v-1000 will not wine over

hello, i have a 2003 ski-doo grand touring v-1000 the key gave out on me replaced it, now when i turn the key it powers up pump kicks in for a sec like it always did.After a few more secs everything powers down like it should, u can cross over the scelonid and starter will wine over and after a few secs if u touch the springs on the Muffler u will burn your fingers keep in mine she wont even offer to start . also checked scelonid which is working. though it could be dess but dealer said it will still run just wont let u move. cold it be the kill switch can u test them if so how u test. any and all help will be great,
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Why would the muffler springs be hot?
What do you mean by "wine over"?
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muffler springs hot no idea why but it happens is i cross over the scelonid to make the starter turn over.

wine over meaning starter turning over
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How old is your battery?? If its 3years old or older it might be time to change it. I was a common problem with the V1000's. Try jump starting the sled,, see what happens. I've seen batteries that indicate 100% charged but have a bad cell so it doesn't charge when your riding your sled.
You should hear the 2 beeps when you turn the key on,
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battery 1 year old full charged and there is no beeps when you turn the key on like it use to do now i think about it
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Try checking the battery connections especially the ground. Also check the other end of the ground cable to make sure the connection is clean and tight. Hot muffler spring, the only thing I can think is itís trying to find a ground path through somewhere itís not supposed to. If this doesnít work maybe have the battery load tested if you can.

Does this sled have relays like newer SkiDoos? If so they might be bad.

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You likely have a bad ground between engine and chassis and/or the battery. The engine is using the exhaust system as the ground path for the starter.

In most electric start systems, the battery is grounded to the engine and the engine is grounded to the chassis. The starter solenoid is usually activated by energizing the starter relay from the key switch. The relay must be grounded in some fashion so the internal coil will draw the solenoid in and complete the circuit to the starter. The fact that it will not do this with the key switch tells me that the engine may not be grounded to the solenoid. Or, that the solenoid is not getting current from the key switch.
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just want to thank everyone who gave me input on what could be wrong with my sled. been a while but i now have my slid up and running again it turns out there was a recall on the sled some time back when it was newish they changed the push boutton to a key also they changed the type of dess switch and then removed it from oem parts list so called brp whish could not help me at all told me i was on my own but getting back to it the dess switch gave out got another one for $20 (used) once i found out what dess switch they used (tons of research) installed it put key in and started right upnow its back to happy riding ty everyone
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