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Default 2018 Renegade Sport 600 carb trade in value

Does anyone have a good idea what to expect for trade in value on a 2018 skidoo renegade sport 600 carb with 2500 miles and showroom condition. Looking to trade it in on a new 850 gen 4 renegade. Thanks for your help.
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Not much... $4000ish?
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The dealer is going to get at least $5,900. for that sled. No way would I take $4000; the new sled is already going to lose enough value the second you pull out of the parking lot.
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For me its not how much they give you for your sled its how much it will cost you out the door. They could give you $5000/$6000 for yours but ask full price for the 850.

See what they will sell you the 850 out the door before you ask them what they will give you for your trade-in. What will help you a little is you don't have to pay taxes on the difference of your trade-in.
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here's how it works IMO
he can give you a LOT for trade and NOT move on the new 850, OR he can give you less for trade and sell you the 850 for less
all depends on hopw you wish to look at it

Kelly blue book gives trade in values and private sales values if you care ty look it up
but keep in mind, FEW people PAY book value, place a add on craigslist and you iwll get low balled to death and that is the mind set of MOST buyers today it seems, they have NO shame in making low offers and expect to PAY low prices to boot!

odds are if you went to any deal, and worked out a price on a NEW sled NO trade in
and then tried again else where with a trade, the numbers for the new sled will NOT be the same
the difference will be made up again, on the trade
do they say were giving you MORE on trade to make you THINK you got a deal on trade in
OR will they drop price on new sled and give you LESS for trade

think of it like this
1+3 =4
different numbers same total
its a trick sales folks use, take off one thing add to another, just like taxes, they lower one raise another LOL

best way to get the best deal is SELL it in a private sale and use the money to DEAL on a new sled
DON"T want the hassle
well, you will not make out as well at a dealer on a trade in!

actual book values
KBB says

Your 2018 Ski-Doo Renegade Sport 600 Carb Values
Trade-In Value
Typical Listing Price
Cyclechex Snowmobile History Reports
In Good Condition with typical mileage
When trading in at a dealership

and NADA resale values, NOT trade in is

List Price
Base Price
low retail
HIGH retail
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