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If the bite harder tool is anything like their carbide sharpener for skis, the main difference between the regular and pro tool, besides cost, is the quality of the diamond / bonding material.

The regular tool is only rated for cordless drill rpm speeds where is the pro tool is rated for die grinder rpm speeds.

When we bought our tool the salesman is quite adamant about not turning the regular tool at too high of an RPM, trying to be cheap and getting the less expensive tool and chucking it up in a high speed drill, because you'll just wipe the diamonds off the tool.

I must say the regular cordless drill carbide sharpener works really well for what it is.

If it were me and I was looking to do both style of picks, I would use the proper tool for the proper style of pick. IE; 3 or 4 jaw for steel and the diamond for carbide.
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The biteharder tool works OK. Takes 30-40 minutes and you get fairly good results. It does not work well if you have double backers, the studs are too close for the tool to reach the whole stud.

If you want them to be truly sharp, the best way is to take the studs out of the track. Drill a hole thru a 1 foot piece of 1x1 wood, drill with an allen bit and use a bench grinder. Longer process but much better results. Especially if youre racing.
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