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Default 08 FST flat line at WOT

Hey all, Ive had a 2008 FST IQLX since 2010. I have done most all of the updates found on Polaris files, but I forgot my password and I cannot get anyone to answer my email requests so I thought I would try here. I notices this year upon start up my fuel pump has been making a high pitched whining noise. My last ride towards the end of the day when fuel was getting low I noticed the turbo would derate and could hear and feel bogging and one back fire when I mashed the throttle. My boost gauge would read around 16 lbs at top but quickly drop off as I gradually went passed 3/4. Bummed me out totally, and it seemed sluggish all day. Not the usual torquey pull that makes you smile when you exceed speeds that make you wanna pee your pants .
I pulled the fuel pump and all the octopus of lines and pick ups. the lines are not destroyed but are beginning to stiffen up and shed the white crap. also the front pickup screen looks brown. lots of white crap in the bottom of the tank. Ive always run premium and this year started running Rec. Fuel.
I watched the video on replacing the fuel lines on line in an 07' great video (thanks!). However, instead of going through the whole process and expense of changing the lines has anyone bought a new fuel pump with the strainer and installed it rather than the two pickups and new ethanol resistant fuel lines?? sorry for the lengthy post.
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If you are contemplating getting rid of the extra lines and pickups and going to a single strainer, I would really consider a Holley Hydramat instead of a conventional strainer. You would have to determine which size/shape Hydramat.
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There is also a screen on the bottom of the fuel pump housing that may be causing your problem. Before changing the fuel pickup routing be sure to consider the shape of the tank and how effectively it will work when going up/down hills. B.
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