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Originally Posted by LIMESQUEEZE View Post
I just fixed a plugged windshield tray drain in our explorer. A little tip I got along the way was to put a de-humidifier in the car and let it run all night. It dries the places you just cant get flowing air to go. Even the carpet padding was dry as a popcorn fart.

Hitting it good with a shop vac after work. I have the trunk lined in cardboard with snow on the trunk seeing if I can pinpoint the leak area.
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Originally Posted by dodger View Post
this thing does not have a speck of rust. Close to showroom. It looks like it's in the trunk. Door barriers would leak while driving. this happens when setting only. I checked the back floor when I parked it a few days ago. The last time it happened it rained/snowed hard. this time the same

The trunk carpet over the fake tire is wet. I have not pulled the fake spare yet but I am guessing it's a pool in there. It is wet the most in the very rear, back by the latch and lights. It's warm today. I am throwing cardboard in the trunk and piling a bunch of snow on the trunk. It will melt today
Have you changed a tail light build recently? Check the tail light harness is plugged into the hole through the body(good seal) and make sure the studs for the light have the gaskets on them. You should also check the seams of the body panels up on the trunk gutter area for dry or crack seam sealer if your getting water on the trunk carpet those are 2 pretty common areas Ive seen leak. I would also just pull all the trim out of the trunk have someone get in with a flashlight and another run a hose over the lights and trunk area if it’s getting that much water coming in you will see the leak pretty easily. I would also pull the sail panel trims and luggage tray and check the rear glass to be safe. You may not think it is rusty but it could be bubbling under the window urethane and causing a leak especially if the window has been replaced before and they did a shit job.
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Had one in with plugged door drains, enough rain and fills up to the point it ran in through interior panel clip holes.
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Check under the car, in the area of the leak, there are sometimes large rubber plugs (floor) that may be missing...i had a '99 Regal GS that i had to order the plug for...good luck
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most of the time its the deck lid seal
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I agree with squeeze, definitely check your windshield cowl drains. Had a 2004 Grand Prix doing the same thing. Wet at rear floor only. Water was seeping in around spot welds in A (hinge) pillar and following channel in floor and settling at lowest point(rear floor). Front floor wasn't even damp.
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the greatest post in HCS history

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Not a Buick, but my Dad's car had a leak at the top of the back window. The water would run down the plastic airbag trim on the inside and into the trunk, filling up the spare tire well. Had to lay in the trunk with the carpet removed while a hose was sprayed all around the outside to finally find the leak.
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i found this bulletin today
Floor Pan Corrosion Perforation in Battery Compartment (Install Repair Kit) #05-08-61-002 - (Jan 11, 2005)
Floor Pan Corrosion Perforation in Battery Compartment (Install Repair Kit)
2000-2005 Buick LeSabre

2000-2005 Cadillac DeVille

2000-2003 Oldsmobile Aurora

2000-2005 Pontiac Bonneville

Some customers may comment on corrosion (rust) in the floor pan in the area where the battery is located.

This condition may be caused by a weeping of acid from the battery or from a battery vent tube that has become dislodged.

Repair the damaged area using the parts and information contained in the floor pan repair panel kit.. Also, clean any area of the floor pan where acid may have been present with a solution of baking soda and water. Rinse and dry the area thoroughly.

Parts Information
The floor pan repair panel kit contains a replacement section of the floor pan, a battery hold down and instructions. The adhesive needs to be ordered at the time of the repair.

Part Number

Panel Kit-Floor Pan Repair

12378567 (U.*.)

88901675 (Canada)
GM Metal Bonding Adhesiv
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I have owned several LeSabres and put 200,00 plus miles on them and never had any leaks. I have an 08 Lucerne which I had a similar problem with. The trunk would always be wet after a rain. I discovered that the car had an option for a back up alarm which mine doesn't have. The problem was at the factory they sealed the holes with some kind of tape which failed. I put Gorilla rubber tape over the holes and this solved the problem. These are located above the rear bumper on the side. Pain to get to but reach up along the rear and sides of the trunk and check.
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