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If anyone is ever having trouble learning how to lean, they should be made to ride an old leafer. They will learn real quick how to lean haha.
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I would hazard a guess you don't stand up to pee either.
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I see much more of this standup style here in Quebec also. I don't understand it myself but lots don't really cover much distance they just get to a play area off trail and spend all day rippin in the deep stuff. I can't see anyone doing that if they are on a 200 mile day. Oh and another trend of course is all the long lugged tracks now. A 137 is a shorty here now most new are 141 or longer?
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I usually stand up to air out some wolf bait. Maybe there backpacks are storage for there toxic butt fumes.

Wore a backpack out West because its pretty much a necessity and boy did it suck.
These posers are the ones with the earsplitting cans riding down the trail on one ski with there 174" 3.789" paddle track blowing every stop sign they can see all while jumping a 2' plow bank on someone's driveway.
I'm envisioning helmet mohawks and Monster stickers covering everything.
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i know they were all young. Get older you knees don't allow you to stand and sled for more than a minute at at a time
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Then there is the 12 inch bar riser too accent the stand up riding style. The way the bars are on some of these sleds there is no way you would have any control sitting down. Or standing up for that matter.
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Originally Posted by nascarmike View Post
.. and for sure some with helmet mohawks?

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Originally Posted by kbr577 View Post
Ok, Up in Tug Hill area yesterday, and it was packed. There was something going on, like 50% or more of the riders were standing up??? trails were soothe as glass, what is going on? All I here about is that one brand or anther didn't come out with a new chassis or suspension, and the other half is talking about how great there suspension is, do you even need any if you standing up? I can see in the real ruff stuff but not on smooth trails! Tucker Hibbert would ride Tug sitting down, I think we need more cross country races televised so people can see how they should ride, Not like snow cross racers that are riding a quarter mile track with 20+ foot jumps! Well to each there own, but a heads up, I'll be the one passing you sitting down!!
I ride Thug Hill sometimes, and it is the # 1 Poser Capital of the Free World. That is why you see sooo many Snowcross Wanna Bees and Powder Hound Wanna Bees there that want so bad to look the part.

These clowns crack me up with their windshieldless poser-mobiles with energy drink wraps and power-robbing, trail-closing, attention-whore "cans". Funny how they have money for that crap, but don't have money for a TekVest, suspension work, clutching, and other items that would ACTUALLY improve their sleds performance. These clowns also seem to have such terrible skills, that they are only able to ride down the middle of the trail or outside of the trail marker stakes. The best part is when a 60+ year old, ex-moto-crosser on an XRS (not me) flies by them on the trail and they can't hang with him.

For the record, I mostly stand when I am on my KTM and I do stand on my XRS when conditions warrant. But when the trails are smooth, I sit; I can also corner a lot faster and with more stability when sitting.
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Originally Posted by jacksost View Post
If anyone is ever having trouble learning how to lean, they should be made to ride an old leafer. They will learn real quick how to lean haha.
Especially with the narrow ski stance those old sleds had. I use ride them like my motocross bike over moguls at speed until the sled broke.
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