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Default Which 2 stage snow blower?

Please advise, thanks.
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I have owned a few different makes and they all worked just fine. Last two have been MTD. A lot depends on how big an area you need to clean and how far you have to throw the snow. Get one big enough to throw the snow as far you need it to. I always get at least a 26" wide. If your cleaning a larger area get a wider machine and an 8hp. Mine has electric start but I never use it. Always starts on first pull.
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I sort of agree, most are all compatible with each other these days in each class
bigger [part of owning them is taking care of them, and draining old fuel out before using again following yr and treating fuel when in storage, and if possible ONLY use non ethanol fuel in them
Have a few that sit at properties not interested in hauling one to, so leave em there!
and almost every yr, NEVER get used, almosta waste having the, but the time needed there sure nice to have there LOL
for me to keep em running this way,, every yr I drain tank's, replace fuel before even trying to start them, which I do about late OCT every yr, to make sure they are ready to go if needed, then at end of season, they get put away , carbs run dry!
come following yr, again, I drain ALL old fuel, replace with new, turn fuel on prime, and BOOM they fire up easy for me, and several are of different brand names/makers

so, to me key is HOW well you care for them
I replace oil every other yr on em too, even when they DON"T get used at all, just a habit of mine?

and they all tend to start on first or second pull, some are 10-15 yrs old too
so seems to me, care and good fuel and not leaving OLD fuel in, matters more maybe than name brand!
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Some of the "cheaper" makes are flimsy, and bend up after putting them through the paces. Depends on how much snow you want to remove, and if clearing driveways where the plows build up bigger piles and chunks of ice occur.

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I picked up a Toro 928 this fall and used it on our 3-4 inches of very wet and heavy snow and it at it up perfectly. I was able to do my entire blocks sidewalk in 6th gear. I have no worries with it for the big storms hopefully coming.

Love the joystick control and it shoots the snow pretty much anywhere I need it too.
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Brand name only....
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I have some input on this as I use a walk behind snowblower to remove snow from my 278 yard laneway. Plastic chutes suck, the wet heavy snow sticks to them. specially if it's sunny. Plugs up faster than a steel chute.

My snowblower of choice is an Ariens. Mine is nearly as old as I am and still never lets me down. I've owned it for 16 years now. was used when I bought it, from an old guy in the city who had used it since new in 1980. Have changed one internal drive wheel and had to buy the brass float for it this summer cause the needle had worn a hole right through the contact area into the float.

edit: belts and shear pins are the only other items I've changed but I look at those as consumables

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An old ariens
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Honda/ Yamaha

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