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Default Would you buy a former rental Vehicle?

1 Was your truck/car part of a rental fleet before you bought it?

According to the paperwork I got, my 2017 Ram 1500 belonged to National Rental Car before I got it.

2 Did that concern you, or would you consider buying a truck that was part of a rental fleet?

I did check it over carefully, but everything seemed to be in good shape. FWIW, it came with the floor mats, two keys, the 7 pin trailer adapter and the plug to use if you take the tailgate off. Everything that should have come with it new seemed to be there. It had the balance of the 36,000 mile warranty.

3 - How has it performed?

I have had zero issues with this truck in a year, and over 20,000 miles.

I hear lots of people say they would never buy from a rental fleet, but based on some info in a thread on another forum, I am starting to think that there is nothing to be afraid of.
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I don't think it is as bad as it used to be. Smoking, renters lack of care, etc. Tons of low mileage / current or near current year vehicles for sale even at new car places are rentals.

I just wouldn't get one from the Daytona area or others that is popular to drive on salt water beaches.
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Every vehicle I have ever rented has had the rev limiter tested..... But I'm not sure that is actually a bad thing.
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way I see rentals is this, MOST renters don't beat on a vehicle, they just need a rental to get from point a to point B
BUT There will always be some that think rentals are toys to abuse and beast the snot out of them, HOW Much damage can one really do in a few days of rental use?
odds are not a lot,
but some rental cars will see more exterior interior abuse, that leave small dents and or stains, as lets faces it, many folks DON"T value something there renting as much as something there making payments on or paying for long term!

I would gather a lot comes down to HOW many miles and age of rental your buying and overall condition of it!, and this is a vehicle to vehicle deal, cannot sum them all up in either good or bad buys, all come down to the deal in front of you !
price right?? condition right? IF you feel you got a deal, MAYBE you did? Maybe you didn;t
buying used is ALWAYS a gamble, rental or not!
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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
BUT There will always be some that think rentals are toys to abuse and beast the snot out of them, HOW Much damage can one really do in a few days of rental use?

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Don't know about rentals, but a friend of mine worked as a mechanic at a ford dealership back in the 90's, told me those vehicles on lease are maintained better on average than sold to customers outright. I guess as far as the rentals, it can be more of a crap shoot not knowing who rented them, how they were driven. I'd likely pass on owning a previous rental vehicle.
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I worked at 1 dealer in the metro Detroit area for 20 years. for 17 of those years
we had a rental fleet that was the largest dealer owned fleet east of the Mississippi
that's all I worked on for those 17 years. we had everything from Escorts to LTA9000,
Peterbuilts, Freightshakers, cornbinders (International). In my experience trucks were used like trucks, dump trucks, moving vans, stake trucks and pick ups all had the
shit beat out of them, vans that were used for prison work details were bad. vans used for private schools and churches bad. most cars were treated ok. we had limos,
Lincolns, Mark eights you name it
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I have had good luck with rental/fleet/lease vehicles. The ones I have bought appear to have been well maintained. I only purchase late model/low mileage lease returns, and will buy another when my 2015 Tahoe craps out. Purchased as a lease return w/21.7K miles and a remaining factory warranty. B.
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Never, never, never. A lease sure, rental no way in hell. Rental companies don't maintain them, but buy to use and flip and the "owners" each day could care less. I never want to own anything that someone didn't care about.
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I'm not scared!!!
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