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In regards to humidity , I personally never ever had that issue in my garage and I was there for 10 years before moving.

When I wasn't anticipating being in the garage for a week or more I would lower the thermostat to 50 degrees, if I wanted to work in the garage come Friday evening, when I got home from work I would raise the thermostat to 65, go in, shower, eat, and about an hour later go out to the garage and it's up to temp. With the advent of today's newer Hi-Tech remote control, wireless, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, thermostats I could do it all from a smartphone.

As with anything proper pre-planning and quality construction makes a huge difference.

When my slab and footing was dug & before the foundation was poured we put in 4in of pink rigid foam insulation on the outside and when the slab was poured I put in 4in of again rigid pink foam insulation. We used 6 by 6 metal mesh as the "rebar" which also allowed us to attach the PEX tubing in place.
The slab was 8 in thick. ( don't forget to account for insulation crush when sizing how many yards of concrete you will need. ). My builder made that mistake.

I had the garage built but I did all of the hydronic work myself. It helps that I'm in the HVAC trade and had friends who owed me favors. I built the garage in 02 and the total cost of my hydronic radiant floor heating system was just under $6,000 boiler included.

I used a non condensing stand-alone 50,000 BTU cast iron boiler. 2 circ pumps moved the water through the system. My system had a mixing valve plumbed into it with the boiler loop set for 165-170* and the floor loop set for 90 degrees.

if I was going to redo that garage today I would definitely use a condensing boiler, they operate much more efficiently and can be run cooler.that technology was available when I put my garage together but the boiler was way too much money back then.
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If quick recovery is wanted with a radiant floor system you may be able to add a hydronic fan coil unit heater. With modern boilers it should be easy to get a variety of water temps for whatever applications you want.

I think the guys with frost issues have a real good air seal in their building enclosure and inadequate ventilation. The tighter we build, the more important mechanical ventilation is to keep the heat in and the air healthy.
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Well thanks for all of the suggestions everyone. I am trying to move forward to get this out of the ground this year but I think it may be a tough task everyone here is so busy. So here is where I settled. I went ahead and drew the barn to scale with all of the current toys located inside it and Ive landed on the following:

48' x 64' - 14' high walls
2' overhang / soffit on ends, not on gable. This should help with snow and eliminate gutters
5" concrete with wire mesh. I plan on pouring an 8" curb around the entire perimeter to prevent any water
Radiant in floor heating
Blown in cellulose insulation - walls, ceiling, and roof
Exterior to be metal siding
Exhaust fan with mechanical dampers at opposite ends
+ / - 20 LED overhead lights
Restroom - toilet and sink only, no shower
Interior hose-bib for washing toys
Multiple floor drains

There are still a couple items that are up in the air such as what Im going to finish the interior walls with and what to put on the ceiling. Im leaning towards sanded plywood on the walls and metal siding on the ceiling.

There are so many things I wish I could do to the barn and even alternate construction / siding but the cost as is is getting a little high already so I cant afford more right now. Attached is a site plan of the barn, basketball court, and the house location (I dont have the house plan yet so its just a square for the layout for now)
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