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Default I have the worst driveway

Some times I just want to beat the tar out of the "designer" of our house. Not only did I lose about 3ft depth on the third stall, because that's what everyone does these days instead of making all the stalls the same depth, I get to back up a hill at an angle.

So many times the trailer just up and decides to jack knife itself as its at two angles, one going back and one going up and I have to get a good running start to get it all the way up the hill. And that loss of the three ft depth on the third stall. There has been more than a few times I have come close to clipping the main stalls as the trailer just jackknifes when it feels like it.

This took me about twenty times to get rite all while the back tires were spinning on the ice and snow that has drained down the driveway.

PS we were second owners of the house.
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Install a door on the other side and make it a "drive thru" stall. You aint gonna hurt the frozen ground. Pull right in, drop trailer, Drive thru the side yard and park your truck.

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we feel your pain! except is was the township that screwed us up.

doesn't look so bad, does it? our shared driveway with the neighbour is mostly flat. except where it meets the road. the road is dirt and a few years ago the township decided to raise it, on the other side of those trees there is a narrow but fast river. they raised it over a foot, angling the road towards the houses(road water isn't allowed to drain towards the river). so of course 3 of us in a row started flooding with rains. hubby parks the truck in front of where the sleds are at the side of the house, and i back in to park parallel to the road up front with our L-shaped driveway. i come home at 11:30 at night from work, only to have the steering wheel ripped out of my hands and almost hit our truck. township in their brilliance decided on a solution to fix the flooding issue they caused... by putting a ditch all the way across ours and next door's driveway, almost 2' deep and wide, without telling us(not allowed to fill it in). they dug up the road between us and the neighbour on the other side to run a culvert to the river. we still flood, that's a layer of ice covered by about 3" of water in that pic, not to mention the massive dip to overcome to back anything in. those sleds and trailer are now gone, replaced with larger covered trailer/new sleds. it hasn't been moved in a couple of weeks, it's sunk in about 4" of ice right now, should be fun to get out.
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What a mess. My driveways have always been at least 50' wide Up by the houses and garages. Suburban home designers gave and people bought the bullshit. I would get out of there. Stupid incline. Short driveway. Poorly designed doors and garages. I Always reccomend 18' doors. Some freinds had/have set ups like that. It's hard to imagine.

At the same time I've seen some cool stuff come out of one stall garages.........
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I feel your pain. My property doesn't have enough flat space to sit down a cup of water.
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Buy a bigger trailer they don't jackknife as easy...lol Based on your neighbors house, it looks like they could've lowered your house a couple feet which would've helped your driveway situation.
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Mine is a real pain when it comes time to load up. The pics below are of putting the sled away. It's been pulled off the trailer in front of my house and driven around to the side of the garage, because the side strip is partially on the leading edge of the septic field, so it can't take the weight of a car. They made the strip wide enough to get my ATV out for plowing-the sled....not so much. It's several minutes of forward-reverse, just to get it turned enough, plus the removal of the dollies. The dry spot is where the trailer sits, that has to be pulled by hand to the front of the garage, hooked up to the car, drop the ramp, and hopefully there's enough snow on the ice to give me a bit of traction, until the track-grabber takes over. Generally about a 45 minute ordeal. I seem to be getting better at it. Worth it? Hell yeah! I just wish my property was about 20 feet wider. About 1.3 acres, but 500 feet long by only 110 wide. Second pic shows the angle I need to get around to load sled on trailer. When I get an enclosed, I'll need to pull it out, sled inside, with my ATV to meet the new tow rig. Nearly all of us, likely, wish we could change the way something is done in our homes, even those that had abodes custom-built, seemingly lament things they "should have done."
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