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Default Tires on Yamaha Grizzly 700

I have two of these ATVs, purchased both used and they have ITP Mud lite XTR (I think) or very similar.

First bike has 26” x 9” x R12 front and 26” x 11” x R12 rear I have no issues and plan to leave as is.

Second bike has 27” x 9” x R12 front and 27” x 11” x R12 rear this bike is a bit loose at higher speeds on hard packed roads.

Stock tires were 25”

I also have a set of Kendra executioners 26-10-12 and 26-12-12 mounted on a set of rims for a Honda, these tires are a bit shorter and wider was thinking about swapping them to the Yamaha rims any thoughts?

The honda they were on seemed more stable I was wondering if having 2” oversize is too much? A lot of our riding is cursing two tracks, with lots of mud and sand at times. I could get by with stock tires but these look so much better.
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the EX's will be even worse, they have less contact patch and harder rubber, so high speeds and or hard pack roads will NOT be where they shine at all!
I would maybe suggest running less air in the current tires and see if that helps, or adding some pending where your at
the slight difference between the 26 and 27 inch tall tires is just a LITTLE more side wall roll or flex, so air MIGHT help
ex are good tires just not made for speed or hard pack, they work way better in softer places! plus they also tend to run SHORT as to size on side wall!
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