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Default New to me 16 iqr jetting

So planning on trail converting asap but would like to ride until then. We've gotten 2 feet of snow in the last week and it's getting deep. Just want an opinion on the current settings (how I got it) before I run it too long testing and possibly hurt something.
50pj 2 turns
Needle stock #2 clip
Timing on D
Premixed vp110 and dominator 40:1
Stock clutch and gearing
Stock pipe
Stock engine

I plan on using a mix 91-110 in the future seems most think all 110 is a waste thus not finding many setups for this. Also thinking of adding intelajet or something similar.

Also after warmup it tends to idle quite high. Normal at start but after a quick 5 minute ride idles around 4k

Thanks did alot of reading just most answers were older.
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