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18-19 Mileage: 850
17-18 Mileage: 900
16-17 Mileage: 800
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From personal experience since mid 2000s if you want more for your trade you should buy Ski-Doo or Polaris. I had Cats for years and always sold my sled at the same time as a few of my riding buddys and the Poo and Doos always got a good $1000/$1500 more than I did for comparable models.
Only one I did comparable on was my 2003 F7, but if memory serves correct my buddy with the 2003 rev 800 still got a little more $$$$$$$
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It seems KBB is basically useless when it comes to anything like sleds, boats, RVs etc. Sled demand/prices change with the forecast or next snowfall!!

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$3500 on a one season snow check that is stock.

Least amount of depreciation will be on discounted leftovers and keeping them for at least two or three seasons. My 16' Blizzard 1200 I bought for $9500 in season with rebates/discounts. Put 4 seasons on it and sold it for $6500.
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Ask many snowmobilers what snowmobiling cost and they will respond with something like “gas cost this much and oil is that”... Depreciation cost overshadows obvious out of pocket costs. Go to Craigslist and you will find enough information to to estimate depreciation cost per mile. It is sobering. Now with that said, my best day of the year will be on a snowmobile. Don’t tell my wife but the best hour... Snowmobile depreciation seems to be influenced more by age than by miles. Buying a outdated but low milage machine lowers cost more than anything but you end up forgoing pride of ownership and the latest qualities. I justify my insane number of miles by saying I am lowering cost per mile but after 5 years my snowmobile was not worth anything. Cost per mile on that machine was $.50 per mile.
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I have bought 4 new sleds, the last 3 were Ski-Doo TNT 600s (bought new on Spring Order or as left overs in the summer months). I had the first one for 2 years, and the last 2 for 4 years each. On average I put about 1,300 miles per year on these TNTs. And it usually takes me about 1 week to sell them and I always get my asking price. On average these sleds have cost me about $630 per year in depreciation or about $0.48 per mile. My calculation does include sales tax or registration fees.

My current main sled is a 2014 Ski-Doo XRS 800 ETEC. I bought it used with 1,000 miles on it for $7,500 (the original owner probably paid about $14,000 or so with tax). I hope to sell it near the end of next season. So that will have cost me about $625 per year or again about $0.48 per mile.
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18-19 Mileage: 1000
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I only did this once, trading a 90 Indy 400 on a 91 Indy 500. Think I lost about a grand or approx 20%. I sure was happy with the 500 though. Kept it 21 years!!! I'd drive it across the arctic to the north pole if I had to. Total confidence in that sled.
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