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Default Looking for a better modular helmet

Currently have a FXR Fuel Modular helmet. This is the second year I've had the helmet, and it's starting, to really starting to show its quirks enough for me to want to find a better helmet for next year.

1. The nose piece hits the top of the helmet when swung open. So you have to reset the nose piece every time you close it. Not only that, but if you don't it will hit your face. It's always been like this. But recently the velcro pieces that hold it down aren't as strong as they were when it was new, now it hardly stays down and in place.

2. The vents are terrible. I swear they are cosmetic only. The chin one doesn't seem to change anything open or shut. I guess the top vent does change airflow in the helmet a little, but not really noticeable unless you are really moving or theres gusts of wind.

3. Visor doesn't seal anymore. Not sure if it's an FXR problem, but the last two helmets I've bought have been from FXR. The second year they start to get air leaks. The first one was a goggle setup, this one a visor. Yesterday was 20 degrees, felt like it was - 20 while riding, and made it feel like the heated visor wasn't even there. If its going to be cold while wearing it, I'm going to find a different helmet.

What other helmets would be recommended to look at?
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Try checking out Snow Master TX-50. I use them and they are quite good.
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I have the CKX mission and like it a lot.
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The Ski Doo Modular 3 is an excellent Modular helmet,, if you order one online go up 1 size from your current helmet as 2 guys that use them said they both had to go up 1 size,, its comfortable, excellent vision, no wind, no fogging and very quiet for a modular; for years I've been using Doo's BV2S's,, it's one of the best full face snowmobile helmets ever made,, Good luck.
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You should consider going back to goggles. I have the CKX titan (grey in pic). It's only been one season but I've worn it for 1400 miles in -45 to +5 and all I can talk about is how much I enjoy riding with it.
They give you two different goggles, one with plenty of ventilation for off trail riding (super cold on a -40 day on the trails lol) and a more trail based pair that has less ventilation and more warmth.
As long as you know how to not be at fault for fogging your goggles, you're golden! I'll never consider going back to visor or non modular

Btw that's a quick google search and a good price I think I got mine for close to 500 a little over a year ago.
Helmet troubles suck.

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I picked up a SkiDoo Modular3 this season. Best helmet i ever used.
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I love my HJC MAX 2
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Mod 3. My hubby just converted over from a HJC MAX BT modular.

He picked one up from our dealer with the electric shield for under $300

We ride without the mask part. Vents open, usually with the shield plugged in.

Sizing is pretty consistent also. I have 7 helmets...this one is my favorite.
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i have the mod3, it's a great helmet, though i want the missions for next year... gaige2 is right about the fit, my previous helmets were all "small", this one i wear a medium.
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modular 3 - is it the same as the "oxygen"?

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