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stgdz 01-18-2020 09:33 PM

Epa sled reliability
So I'm going to go there.

With the current generation of sleds, say 2015 and above, how reliable are they. HCS didn't exist back in the day so we never saw all the problems with sleds back then.

I have considered getting some new iron but with how lean these sleds run it always worries me that melt downs happen and then it's off to the dealer to figure out what code it threw. He'll I was just able to trouble shoot a faulty fuel pump on one of my. Got the replacement parts for it and off it went.

Lid2 01-18-2020 11:34 PM

They are ok. No replacement for new iron. Sleds have come along way in a few years . They don’t burn down to often a lot of protections built. In. It’s the heat caused by low/no fuel bottom ends and leaner mixtures . The longevity wasnt what it used to be. Or should I say what it could have been. But they are figuring out how to design around it and baindaid the epa handicaps. Personally I have t had anymore or less issue with new as opposed to old. BUT aim not afraid to do some preventative maintance some guys think they get a trophy for seeing how long they can go before it explodes

mnstang 01-18-2020 11:51 PM

If you look back in history, there have always been people having problems with snowmobile engines. I don't think the latest sleds are any different, better or worse. New sleds are better and you won't regret getting one

mrbb 01-19-2020 12:20 AM

my 2 cents is, motors have gotten to be a little more reliable , by the simple fact many have some pretty long warranty's on them, to put a oem's money where there wallet is as so!
two stroke motors will always have more wear and tear than a 4 stroke in life span before needing work
just nature of the beast
BUT to be honest, snowmobiles are HIGH wear and tear toys, lots of friction on many moving parts, will always cause wear and tear
if your looking to BUY a sled thinking it will be cheap to own and use and stay on top of
your fooling yourself
there TOYS< and rather HIGH performance toys to boot
nothing about this sport is cheap, not NOW< and I doubt ever will be, if anything, things will just keep costing more and more, as less and less amounts of folks buy and ride them, increasing the costs to those that do!
nature of the beast!

sledlover 01-19-2020 12:23 AM

They make an amazing amount of power and run much cleaner on less fuel and oil. I can't imagine if we were still using carbed 2-strokes.

Same thing can be said for my f150 3.5 Ecoboost. Amazing power and economy. EPA regulations pushed the manufactures to be better.

fourh-ds 01-19-2020 01:38 AM

The percentage of of fossil fuel usage by snowmobiles is pretty damn low worldwide. Personally I think the consumer is taking it in the shorts if they think the "clean" snowmobile they ride is going to make a difference in whatever perceived pollution they wish to talk about. I don't see it as an improvement to need an engine rebuild at 4k miles or less. Granted two strokes by design will wear out faster than a four stroke, but they could last a lot longer than they do. The OEM just needs it to last a little bit past the warranty period. They can point towards the EPA if it fails before that, but in reality making the engine for as little investment as possible is the goal.

Lid2 01-19-2020 01:53 AM

I disagree I think today’s we engines are actually built better and at a higher level of engineering than before to get as far as they do. I’m not saying I want it this way but if you put carbs or t-body injection on them loaded the bottom ends up with fuel and oil. They would last a long time . 2 strokes need fuel and oil to survive and not just a lil drop here and there. The excess fuel in the bottom ends and transfer ports. Kept the cooler and happy

fourh-ds 01-19-2020 02:23 AM

I agree that there is a lot of engineering in new engines. But that engineering is not done with the goal of a long service life. It's done with the goal of, how little can we spend and still keep the customer and the EPA happy.

sleepybrew 01-19-2020 06:22 PM

sled engines are exposed to a lot of variables. some folks beat them as soon as they start, where others wait a minute before flogging it. some are careful to use clean , fresh fuel , where others use questionable fuel from wherever. then there is storage. some just park it outside with dirt and salt from the last trailer ride home, where others keep it clean and stored protected. you have to keep the rodents out. so many we work on are full of mouse remnants from crap to acorns. any time i hear of one coming apart i wonder what led up to it. owner neglect or defect in engine parts.

Frankie406 01-19-2020 06:48 PM

Pick your poison. Do some research. If you want a newer used sled, look for the nicest one you can find, and do some searches on here for what the known issues have been and address them and have fun. They are night and day better in just about every way. A few random sleds from back when were/are faster, but on average, the new ones are faster, snappier, handle better, ride waaaay better, and the ergonomics and comfort are so much better it's not even funny.

If you want a brand new one, they have a warranty. Some are better than others, and you can usually purchase additional warranty for not that much. Then just trade off when the warranty is up, and never worry. Other than a possible hassle dealing with a broken sled. At least it won't cost you much.

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