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Default Anyone build an asphalt drag sled?

Anyone? I thought about turning my 99 RMK into a asphalt drag sled. Its a 136 converted to a 144, so, I would need a 144 drag track. I would be looking to do this on the cheap. Wouldn't be trying to set records, just think it would be fun. Is there anyway to use the skid in it? Or do you have to buy a skid specific to asphault? Obviously you need some roller skis, and rig up a cooling station for after the run, or since there is room on the tunnel, you could make a remote cooler/radiator fan set up, plumbed into the stock cooling system.

I think this would be a cool sled for that purpose. It has a dropped and rolled chain case, virtually a flat track angle. I have a mild mod 700 for it, that probably would make 145ish horsepower. I also thought about putting that engine in my 01 XC, non valved, and put the stocker out of the 01 in this, with the slp pipe, and maybe do a bit of porting, and put my SLP billet head on it. It's geared 19/39, so I think that would be good for the 1/8th. I have all kinds of clutch stuff for it, numerous Polaris helixes, straight 36, R-11, R-12, I have a HSP 38S progressive, and whatever weights I would need. 10-60's, 10-62's, 10-64's, 10-66's and some Straight Line Performance 67's.

Any places to look for the parts needed? Thanks for any replies.
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yes, it was fun ,e bay for parts .proline for real stuff . was years ago but there are 2 at our local 1/8 mile track that go like stink . there is stuff all over u tube and net about how to do it .
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