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Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 23,502
Current Sled(s): 2015 RMK 800 & 600 H.O. Fusion
Previous Sled(s): All Polarii and one Yamaha.
Location: Michigan
Favorite Riding Area: Most anywhere north of M-28.
Age: 42
Riding Since: 1984

Off trail/Deep snow sled: 2015 RMK 800 155

Trail sled: 2006 Fusion 600 HO is online now   Reply With Quote
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Posts: 542

Had two, sold one this spring, ordered two more.. Guess I will have three next season.
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Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 536
Current Sled(s): 2020 AC 800 RR Green
Previous Sled(s): Too many to list
Location: Southern NH
Favorite Riding Area: Rangeley and La Malbaie,Quebec
19-20 Mileage:
18-19 Mileage: 1200+-
Age: 62
Riding Since: 1969

I have 4 adult-sized sleds (2003 F7, 2012 800 Retro 50th, 2014 El Tigre 600, 2015 7000 4-stroke).

I have 2 Vintage Sleds (1979 Polaris Centurian, 1981 El Tigre 6)

i have 3 120 machines (all Polaris: 120 Stock, 120 Mod Stock, 120 Champ Sled)
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Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 413
Current Sled(s): 20 Renegade 600R
Previous Sled(s): 16 renegade 600 Etec, 12 renegade 600 Etec, 07 renegade 600
Location: Marilla NY
Favorite Riding Area: ontario
19-20 Mileage:
18-19 Mileage: 1510
17-18 Mileage: 2740
16-17 Mileage: 2520
Age: 51
Riding Since: 1977

Originally Posted by sledhead02 View Post
Hello everyone, Im a longtime poster on other sled forums but new here mostly, Ive always owned a trail and mountain sled to ride in various areas. Anyone here have more then one machine?
I have 3 machines, but there all trail sleds. there's nothing even close to me that I need more than a 137" for. So 1 for me, 1 for the wife and 1 for my son. Got a 2020 on order so the oldest sled in my fleet is for sale if anyone is interested. 2006 GSX 550 fan, mirrors, reverse, electric start. I think it has about 2900 miles on it. looking for 2500.00
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 652
Current Sled(s): 2020 850 Renegade X ,Wife 18 Blizzard
Previous Sled(s): All brands
Location: Central Ontario
Favorite Riding Area: North of Parry Sound
Age: 58

Renegade for playing around (mine), Blizzard for trails (wife) and a 1990 440 Jag as a yard sled
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Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 1,598
Current Sled(s): 2013 TZ1 Turbo, 2014 ZR 5000,2015 XF 8000
Previous Sled(s): Turbos and Panteras
Location: Orrington, Me
19-20 Mileage:
18-19 Mileage: 2850
16-17 Mileage: 3280
Age: 48
Riding Since: 70's

I have a 2014 ZR 5000(wife's sled) a 2013 TZ1 boosted Turbo for when I want to go fast or take the wife two up with me, and a 2015 XF 8000 for fast trail riding and some off trail. Without a doubt, the turbo gets the nod for long trail rides in Quebec and multi day trips here in Maine.
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Join Date: Jun 2016
Posts: 870
Current Sled(s): XC 800 / XCR 850
Previous Sled(s): XCR 800 / ProX SB
Location: IL
Favorite Riding Area: Hayward
19-20 Mileage:
18-19 Mileage: 1600
17-18 Mileage: 2000
16-17 Mileage: 1800
Riding Since: 1980

I’m a fan of having two sleds. It’s helps take away the sting of trading after one year by keeping a sled longer. It also eliminates any concern of a sled failure ruining a weekend for me or guys in my crew. I’ll be going back to two sleds this winter with a snow check on the way.

2019 XC 800 w/ 2-up seat option
2020 XCR 850 for pounding trails
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Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 5
Current Sled(s): 16 Pro-S LE 800 & 17 M8000
Location: Portland, Maine

Lots of folks have a good stable here.
For my next trail sled I might try a Turbo, never owned or drove one before.
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 34,911
Current Sled(s): XCR 800
Previous Sled(s): O.M. 1000, 700 Heavy Mod, 700 IS XCR 1253, XC1214, P.S.700
Location: Sawyer county Wisconsin
Favorite Riding Area: N.W. Wisconsin
Riding Since: 1959

Own 5 now, the most I ever owned at 1 time was 13.
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 1,488
Current Sled(s): 2018 XF 800 High Country Lt 2011 Z1 turbo LTD
Previous Sled(s): Too many to list
Location: West Quebec
Favorite Riding Area: Quebec
19-20 Mileage:
18-19 Mileage: 3800
17-18 Mileage: 2600
16-17 Mileage: 2400
Age: 66
Riding Since: 66

Yes always more than one.
Z1 turbo (trail)
Crossfire 1000 (lake, hill drags)
High Country 8000 (to play in the snow)
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