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Default Reverse: needed or not? Opinions?

I should have posted this question before I posted a similar one regarding adding a reverse to my sled...

I'm new to sledding for the most part and I have a question for you vets: A reverse gear: Is it REALLY needed or not?

Obviously I can see the bonus when trailering or getting into a stick... but other than that.. what are your thoughts? Is it worth the extra expense to either buy a sled with a reverse already installed, or modify a sled that didn't originally come with one (if you can modify)?

For me, it would be great for my ailing back and trailering. My trailer isn't currently setup for an in-out operation, but since it already needs a new floor installed, I plan to refit it with a forward ramp when I replace the floor. I can then drive in and out. My trailer already has a tilt-bed, so most of the battle is already done.
As far as my bad back... well, as most of you on here already know.. there are some things (like sledding) that you simply won't give up no matter the cost to your body! LOL! It's the push/pulling on my sled if I get stuck that has me a little worried. I'm not sure how much a reverse helps in backing out of a stick either. I'm guessing that has a lot to do with your track and how well it can grab?

I have a couple of sleds, a 92' Phazer 2 and a 92' Exciter 2. Neither came with a reverse, but apparently you can add it to the Phazer with the right chain-case and a little modifications. I'm not sure about the Exciter. It's a water-burner, so there's all that extra hardware under the hood, so I'm not really looking to reverse it. My Phazer on the other hand, only has 600 miles on it. It's practically new, so I intend on keeping it a while.
I have found a few sources for a reverse chain-case, but not entirely sure about the cost and work to put it in, thus the reason I wanted to ask this in the forum.

Thank you!
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For me, not worth it. For my wife, so worth it. I have riddin nearly 30 years with out it, I think it is less to go wrong IMO.
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Reverse, seldom if ever any use if your stuck. Once you have one with rev, you'll be surprised how many times you'll actually use it.
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I rode for years without a reverse and my last 3 sleds now have had reverse. I don't personally use it that much or get into a situation where it would even be handy. I tend to always park or put myself in a position where I don't need it. Probably because I rode for over 20 years without one. As far as being able to back out of a stuck situation, that probably isn't going to happen. The skis tend to dig in and prevent backing up if you are buried that much.
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I'd put reverse up there with electric start - not necessary but sure is nice to have...." B.
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Problem with reverse is the misconception that it will help you when you are in a jam. It will not it is simply a novelty item to back off trailer out of garage etc. As others have said useless if stuck, will not get you out. When everyone first thinks of reverse they think of all the times they had to wrestle stuck sled, well guess what you still have to wrestle stuck sled reverse is not going to help with that. Reverse is just a small convienance that is wonderful to have but is not a lifesaver by no means at all.
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I would not buy a sled without reverse again. as said they are really no good when you
get stuck. In my case though even with a drive on/off trailer I tend to just back out of
it. I also ride mostly from home, I have 1 of my garage stalls dedicated to vintage stuff
where I can pull them in, put them on dollys, spin them around and be ready to head out. this also requires scraping snow and ice from the floor. I have another smaller bay dedicated to newer sleds, pull them in, back them out no matter how much ice
buildup on the floor. I can start the heat to melt it. the 3rd bay houses the daily driver. the truck and trailer sit in the barn hooked up together if I plan on using them.
I reverse a lot, motels, how many times have you seen rows of sleds lined up at
them? they either backed them in or have to back them out. trail u-turns I see alot
of people do that especially older folks that don't want to get stuck.
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get yourself some hernia surgery and see how nice reverse is. one less time yanking on that bumper could make the difference...
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Reverse has never helped me in any situating besides turning around when your seasonal road turns into a plowed road. You can make a 3 point turn. If your stuck it doesn't help. If you try to back up on fresh snow that isn't packed. You usually start pushing snow with the snowflap and it gets sucked into the track and you rip it off if your not careful. So with this experience i would not go through the effort of converting an older sled. +1 for the electric start. Its a back/shoulder saver specially on an 800 sled. I own't own a sled without electric start.
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It will do nothing at all if your stuck but make pulling it out more of a pain. I basically use mine to get off the trailer/garage. I hardly ever use it when actually riding I just don't put myself in a spot were I have to use reverse. If you have a drive on/off trailer don't waste the time or money just extra weight.
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