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retired racer 05-04-2016 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by quinlan06 (Post 17123562)
I am happy to report this dilemma is finally closed.

I had tried calling prior with no answer. Not sure if they were closed, people were out for lunch, or what. BUT, about a week ago I finally got patched through to a gentlemen by the name of Bryan in parts. He claimed that he figured I'd received my missing item but was upset it took so long, thus leaving the business negative feedback. He also claimed they got busy with the needs of their in house customers, thus my messages went unanswered. Upon actually checking the tracking (which I'd never received mind you) the item wound up on the West Coast somewhere...not even close to my state of NoDak.

After finding that, Bryan was quick to order another item and get it out to me. I received the item last week, along with some extra swag for my troubles.

It's unfortunate it got strung out like it did, but at least they upheld their end of the transaction. Kudos to Bryan for straightening it out, and I wish him the best of luck trying to get his item back from where ever it ended up. :blink:

That's great to hear. It's also great that you took the time to update the thread and give kudo's to the person that was able to resolve your issues.
Unfortunately on this and other forums we all have the tendency to complain loudly and often when we are unhappy with a product or service but tend to miss the opportunity to congratulate companies and people when they do a good job..... RR

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andromeda673 05-11-2016 02:06 PM

so long story short, they are a good dealer to deal with, you just needed to be pro-active in calling?

dodger 05-17-2016 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by big_phil (Post 17103034)
I assume you paid with paypal?

If so, its a very simple fix. Paypal always sides with the buyer. You have like 6 months to file a dispute with paypal.

not always

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