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Arctic Cat Please post a price with all classified ads. This is required for posting on the classified forums as of 5/26/14. Any posts without a price will be deleted after a PM is sent to the poster by the site staff, stating the need for prices and no action by the Poster is taken.

Announcements in Forum : Arctic Cat
12-23-2017 until 01-23-2027
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Welcome to our classified section. These sections are here for members to sell their personal items. All of our classified sections are a NO BASH ZONE. That means if you don't agree with the price of an item or just think its junk, keep it to yourself, or your membership privileges are at risk.

There is a template already in place when you start a new topic. PLEASE use it!

Hardcoresledder.com and it's moderators/staff are not responsible for anything that is traded, sold, stolen, not payed for, or anything else that happens in this section. If you choose to trade or buy from anyone on this forum, you do so at your own risk.

Please use good judgment and common sense when you enter this section. There are lots of good people in the world but there are just as many or more that would just as soon rip you off. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!
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