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I'm 50 years old and ride a Renegade X 600sdi. I bought a Freestyle for a friend to ride when she came up to play. She's 26 and loves the freestyle but she wishes it was was faster. I also let another friends 10 and 11 year old girls ride it. They have a blast on that thing and I wasn't worried it would get away from them. They moved to Alabama now though. Poor kids.

I had my Renegade in the shop and went riding with some 20 something friends who like to rip and tear. In the trails my friend with the 700 triple couldn't get away from me. When we got to a straight flat run he would walk off and leave me but in the twistys this thing was right on his tail all the time. He could not believe a 300 could do what I was doing. It's so light it flies over jumps and lands easy, carving is a blast, and if you get stuck you tip it over, kick snow under it, and ride away.

The friend I originally bought it for doesn't know it but I just sold the Freestyle and will be getting a TNT 600 e tec for my second sled. I think she will like the speed on it. LOL
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skidoo 182 thats what my dad did for me he got me a 500ss wich is the old 600 motor until they cam out with the sdi i got that when i was like 12 or 11. we still have it but now im gunna be riding a 440x package 07 with the 600 sdi ho with mods probally for racing for rock maple. but anyways what would be a good idea to get a kid at like 10 would be the 07 550fan x last them a while and its a good mod sled
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My son started riding his 2007 freestyle 300f just after he trurned 9. He did 50 miles of groomed trails on a weekday in michigan (no traffic at all) and since he has been hooked. He logged around 1200 miles his first year. I think the freestyle is a great learning platform for a new rider of any age due to the instability of the machine, as it tips very easy and it gets them leaning quick. Playing in powder and drifts he had the thing on its side a dozen or so times. Having said this I am a very protective parent and he is a very cautious kid and respects all forms of machinery so his first 50 miles was at about 1/4 throttle by his choice. He now rides the freestyle WOT at times as conditions allow. After logging 700 or so miles on the freestyle I bought a 600 etec tnt adreneline and he bugged me to ride it from day one. I was confident he could do it given how respectful he is of these things and he did great. As a side note we use collet communicators so I am in constant communication with him to judge how he is doing, this is priceless and I would say anyone riding with children this is a must. So when the opportunity presented itself in a feild by our house I let him ride the 600 and he is in love. He did a great job on it and has looged around 300 miles on that. on the other hand I have an 8 year old son and I worry he will not be as cautious as my elder son. They both have honda trx 90's and my youngest son rides WOT so I had to tune it down. again I will get a collet for him also so i will be able to control him as we ride.

Good luck,

Come on snow!!!!!

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My daughter started on the freestyle 300 at 9. My boy took it over when he turned 7. Was able to race it last year at age 8.(got two wins). Other than not being able to start it(we dont have electric start) they are a great sled for kids.Durable as a rock. We clutched ours up and some suspension upgrades. I wish they would have put a firecat track on it so the tunnel could have been narrower for the kids.
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My son got a "hand me down" at age 5 1/2....z440, contemplated a 120 but figured he'd out grow it too soon, I restricted the throttle for 1 season and he's now "un-restricted".....he rides quite well and SAFE, even put him on my Firecat 600 and he amazed us all....looking to get him into sno-cross this upcoming season at the age of 7

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no way there selling this sled to 17 year old guys, i was 14 when when i finaly had enough money to buy my own sled and i got a 580 grand touring rode it for 2 years and when i was 17 i got a thundercat 1000. Now i am 19 and rideing that same thundercat and a mod 600 Zrt. This is totaly a kids machine or a old man's to the ice shack sled. Brp is alittle off on there advertisements
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I'm 55 and I love my 09 Freestyle Tundra 300.

In general, if you have a 10 year old who thinks a Freestyle 300 is not fast enough, then I think you have a problem and accident waiting to happen. Even my long track geared low Freestyle Tundra will do 60 on hardpack.

I find the 300 to be plenty "fast" enough for casual trail riding on the small trails. The beauty of it is that it is 100 pounds lighter than other "light" snowmobiles.

It is just fine for the small Adirondack trails and great for deep snow as long as the snow is not really heavy and wet. There are certain conditions where it definitely needs more power but most times it is just fine. If BRP made a real 300 or maybe 340 and put it in a modified lightweight Freestyle/ Tundra design it would be perfect.

The new Tundra is nice, but sorry, Tundras are not supposed to weigh 500 pounds.

It is too bad that BRP quit making the Freestyle and the 300 single. There is now no entry level/kids snowmobile. The 300 is just fine for people who only want to do a little casual sightseeing trail riding in stead of long treks or fast rides.

When I was 16 I had a 1973 Moto Ski F-440 which was somewhat faster than the 300 Tundra but really not all that much. That 440 was probably 35 HP and the Tundra motor is about 25.

Before that I had a little Moto Ski Mini-Sno which has a 223cc JLO. It was tippier than an Elan but I never had any problems. It was all of maybe 12 HP and not very fast, but I had as much or more fun on that snowmobile than any other.

It is sad that the main objective of snowmobiling now seems to be how fast you can go. Maybe this is because they are all so big and heavy that riding anywhere but on a packed groomed trail is too hard for most people.
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15 years old
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My son started riding a 550 freestyle when he was 8. Just some easy riding around the camp roads. He was very respectful of it the first few times. Last year he went on 80 mile round trip and did great. I would say it's going to last a couple more years before he's screaming for a 600.
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