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I grew up in Gillette. Moved to Alaska a couple of years ago for 1 winter of sledding. Still here, a 7 month riding season is pretty hard to beat. Gillette is a great place to work. If you don't like your job quit and you will find a new one by lunch time. If you have a brain and no drug problems you can go far in almost any job in very little time. But be careful, don't bounce around too much. Find a good employer and stick with them. When the boom goes bust the good ones will still be around. On the downside Gillette can spoil you. When you leave you'd swear the rest of the U.S. is poverty stricken when you see what they pay in other states. Yes even AK, don't believe everything you hear. Enjoy WY! I don't miss the wind, but I sure miss the lack of people.
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