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Default T660 turbo

Iím looking to buy my first sled and came across a 05 t660 turbo with 5200 miles. Asking price $1500. Any reviews on this? Is this a good deal?

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Looks good as long as its in good shape. My brother "thefoolsbro" here may chime in. He had one for a few years, 14,000? miles. very few issues. Kevin
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I have recently seen several '04's for sale in the mid $2k range which is
what I sold my '04 for 4 years ago. it had just under 14k miles, so yes
in my opinion that is a good price. They are a little heavy feeling up front,
but once you get used to that and engine braking they are fun. when they
are making boost 30-80mph is pretty fun. normal maint. like idler wheel
bearings, changing fluids is all easy.
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Great sleds as long as they don't get overheated.(head gaskets blow and heads can warp) ck the heat exchanger and make sure a pic hasn't hit it. also let it warm up and ck for bubbles in the antifreeze. I believe they require a valve ck at 5000 miles.
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