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Default Starting an EFI ?

Not sure it was doing this last yr. About 10 degrees out & when I hit the Ele start it starts but idles very low. Blip the throttle & it stalls. Hit the starter again & it starts & goes to normal idle. Motor is still cold but wondering if thats normal or maybe time for some fuel injection cleaner or ? It does seem to run great otherwise.
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It wouldnt hurt to put some fuel injector cleaner in.

Its nothing to worry about unless it gets worse, I would just shut sled off and restart if idling to low.
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My 99 Zl 500 and 03 Zl 800 use to do the same thing, 1st time starting for season and after sitting for a few weeks. I would do as Fun11cat said, shut it off and restart. both sleds had 10-12 k miles when I sold them. the 800 is still going good. I just talk to the guy yesterday who bought it last year.
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Had a zr600 did the same thing.
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Yep. I have comoketely removed the electric start for machines that bothered me like that before, crank them with the rope and they would always start faster and run correctly.
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I’ve had 3 cat batteryless zr’s and they all have done something similar. Very first cold start of the day they start on 2nd or 3rd pull, idle very low for about 5 seconds then it switches and idles high for about 10-20 seconds and eventually drops down to its final idle rpm. During the first 5 seconds of very low idle if I touch the throttle it will die, I leave it alone and it comes around. All starts after that during the same day skip the 5 seconds of very low idle.
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